Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's all psychological

It's all in your head, we haven't done anything to you, that is as of yet! No but what's wrong with my family why are they acting so strange towards me doc?
They are like the omen to me. 

I cannot do much with this shitty social security check its only 368.00 man ? And I got two children . 
I am disabled from their bullshit as it is! 
They took me from one nightmare to the next , who the hell are these people ? 
Why do they harass me so much?

I don't even know who they are ? 

And I detest them that much.

Why don't they leave?

Men are so seriously awful in relationships it is a total turn off!
I have reason to hate them but I am not gay or queer!
I am not going to go to work for them!
I'd rather have a gender war than a retarded one about anything else.
Men won't do a damn thing for anyone without expecting something in return.

Except maybe kill you or scare women to death.
Minorities are ten times more likely to start these wars that say the upper class of people.
I feel sorry for those who are beneath me.

Sed I love you !

Friday, September 20, 2013

Donate plasma? Never again omg

A black man and a white woman walk into a blood plasma center to donate blood one after the other. 
They go in and lay down side by side and the nurses poke them with the needle and pumps out a pint of pure red blood from each of them...the woman pointed at the black mans blood and said I don't think we should take anymore of his blood looks like he running low , nurse said how do you know? Well can ya tell his is  orange? The nurse looked and walked away and came back with the blood minus plasma and ask the black man which is yours? "A" or "O"?
Which reminded. Me of a pick up line once use , "we all have red blood" , my blood is the same as your blood!
He said mines "A"......I told the nurse please if he trying I am gonna be mad when I get up from here . And I opened my eyes and said no man yours is "O"...
So they put our blood back and everything was cool,
Later on, I wondered if the nurse played a trick on us.
They wouldn't do that!?

Artificial intelligence

It's very intriguing to say the least , how pandora bots and simulated cloning can affect the human population with such profound results. Why? Has this been created? How a child can mock or mimic their own mother, or a villain or heroine? 
Even mock and imposter a doctor or a lawyer, and turn it into computer personalities that you can interact with. Alice was one of the first .
Now robotics are reading your mail, giving you helpful answers to life's simple problems and your loving it.
Whereas once you stand in front of a record player loading 45's disk of Elvis and Neil diamond or Aretha Franklin, now it's as easy as pushing a few buttons on a media player which eventually annoys you into turning it off.
Life's problems being solved by commutation of A.I. 
Will not seize to amaze you.
Now a bounty of problems could make one Interesting load of answers and millions of buckaroos. 
Is it not possible? That the beauty of the machine falls into enemy hands? Only to be rectified by a.i. And taken back? We are all hypnotically working on the same thing, and would  slap each other in the face upon the discovery, and go back to work? I mean it! I would slap that son of a biscuit eater so hard! We all see stars !and our personalities always seem to be in cartoons, or car tunes .
For some reason every one started scratching their heads and obsessively couldn't stop... They began to think they had a bug. Cause someone decided to make synthetic LSD and gave it to you in a Micky. 
Them sons of a
Biscuit eaters would believe and eat anything!
Swallowed a rf micro transmitter and set chase to foot .
What's this world coming to? 
Let's just say its all in the latest novel by piers Anthony and Stephen king.
Have a bloody good day ole chap! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tripping on a Nursery rhyme

Little Jack Horner sat in his corner eating his Christmas pie stuck in his thumb pulled out a plum and said oh what a good boy am I ? 

Try reciting this nursery rhyme while you're doing you're ole lady, 

Tripping , I bet god would make the pigs fly!
Lol congrats!

Smoking emphysema malaria fever whooping coff and tuberculosis the common cold ,flu and cancer

One more the worst of all called __legionaires disease____ was also born in Europe hosted through air conditioners.If Emphysema can be alleviated by cinchona or Peruvian bark quinine ;here is a copy of these medicines instead of or in conjunction with ephedrine epinephrine   Caffeine  n-acetal cysteine  benedrylle adrenalin , regular coff syrup like NyQuil , & vaccines . 
Stay away from potassium, MSG, aspartame. 

Cinchona Bark | University of Minnesota Libraries

Cinchona Bark

by Juliet Burba

In 16th century Europe, the fevers of the common illness “ague” often resulted in death. No one was immune to the fevers — they indiscriminately killed peasants, kings, princes and popes. Although today it is commonly considered a disease of tropical lands, in the 17th century malaria affected vast parts of Europe, including Rome, Versailles and London. Early 17th-century ague patients had one principal cure available to them — bleeding. If bleeding was ineffective, the physician might try purging or the use of emetics.Even astrology might be employed as a cure, because the periodicity of malarial fevers suggested a connection with astronomical phenomena.1 Some of the various names used for the fevers denoted their frequency of recurrence, such as tertian, quartan, semitertian, and double tertian.

      Although malaria was widespread and common, until the early 17th century European physicians had found no truly effective cure, and their patients continued to die. But in the 1630s a possible treatment was found in the forests of the Andes Mountains. In that decade, an Augustinian monk published a notice regarding the treatment, burying it in a work on the Augustinian Order. “A tree grows which they call ’the fever tree’ in the country of Loxa, whose bark, of the color of cinnamon, made into powder amounting to the weight of two small silver coins and given as a beverage, cures the fevers and tertiana; it has produced miraculous results in Lima,” wrote the monk, Antonio de Calancha.2 Calancha was describing the bark of the cinchona tree; the bark contains the alkaloid quinine along with several other alkaloids effective against malaria.3

      Historians debate whether cinchona was an indigenous medicine or was discovered by Europeans. Evidence suggests that malaria did not exist in the New World before the arrival of the Spanish. Thus, according to one author, native people knew nothing about the medicinal use of cinchona bark. He supports his claim by stating that the bark did not appear in early Inca pharmacopoeias as translated by the Spanish, but does not cite a source for that information.4

      However, even if malaria was not indigenous to South America, many years passed between the first arrival of the Spanish (and, presumably, malaria) and the earliest writings about cinchona by Europeans. This would have allowed the native people time to have developed a cure. Such a view is supported by the historian Lucile Brockway and by the semi-popular author M.L. Duran-Reynals, who points to the vast array of medicinal plants used by native healers and the large number of these plants transplanted to Europe from South and Central America at this time. Native plant remedies were so much more effective than the techniques of European physicians, writes Duran-Reynals, that Pizzaro’s soldiers preferred treatment from native healers.5 6

      According to Saul Jarcho, author of an exhaustive review of 17th and 18th century sources pertaining to the discovery and dissemination of cinchona, exportation of the “Peruvian” bark to Europe probably began in 1631 or 1632.7 The Jesuit Order was the strongest promoter of the bark, and it was sometimes called Jesuit’s bark or powder. One Jesuit in particular played an important role in the dissemination of informatin about the antimalarial.

      The Jesuit Juan de Lugo (made cardinal in 1643) was entrusted by Pope Innocent X to learn more about the bark. Lugo had it tested by Gabrielle fonseca, a physician to the pope. Around the same time, in the late 1640s, directions for the use of the bark were published as the Schedula RomanaAlthough Duran-Reynals states that the work was published by the Jesuits, Jarcho is more cautious about naming an author and publisher, noting that there were several different editions and translations published around the same time.8

      Despite positive results and the backing of the Vatican, the use of cinchona was not universally adopted in 17th century Europe. Many factors contributed to the delay in acceptance. First, the bark often did not work. Cinchona could not cure all fevers, only those of malaria, so if the drug was used on a patient afflicted with some other disease, it appeared to be ineffective. Furthermore, unscrupulous dealers might sell inferior bark or the bark of some other tree, and after the long journey from New Spain to Europe the bark sometimes arrived too rotten to use.

      The use of cinchona also contradicted the teachings of the ancient author Galen, whose work most physicians still used. According to Galen, a patient with ague needed to release humors, making bleeding, purging, and the use of emetics the preferred treatments. The use of a hot, bitter drink seemed to conflict with both Galenic medicine and common sense.9

      Finally, the support of the Vatican for the drug worked against its acceptance in some regions, particularly in England. The close association of the drug with Catholicism made many Protestants fear it was part of a “popish plot” against them.

      In the late 17th century, the Englishman Robert Talbor used these fears to make his name as a “feverologist.” Regarded by English physicians as a quack, he claimed to have a secret remedy for ague, but agreed with the prevailing opinion that Jesuit’s powder should be avoided. After successfully curing Charles II of malaria, he was sent to France to aid the royal family. Louis XIV bought the recipe for the cure, under the condition that he not read it until after Talbor’s death.When the recipe was published in 1682, the secret medicine was revealed — it was, of course, cinchona.10

      Despite fears of popish plots, professional rivalries, and questions about the effectiveness of the bark, importation began in the mid 17th century, and continued until the 19th century. The bark was harvested around what is now the Peruvian and Ecuadorian border. From there it was carried to Paita on the coast and transferred onto ships bound for Panama. Once in Panama, it was carried north across the isthmus to Portobelo during the dry season, or taken via the Chagres River during the rainy season. At Portobelo the bark was once again loaded onto ships and sent to Spain via Havana.11Occasionally, smuggling also took place, but rather than transport the bark via the western seaboard, smugglers carried it eastward, across most of the continent, following the course of rivers to the Atlantic.12Once in Europe, the bark was distributed by a variety of means. Jesuits often gave it away, merchants sold it, and the nobility sometimes used it as gifts. According to Jarcho, the Spanish presented it to the empress of Hungary, Pope Clement XIV, the Duke of Parma, the electress of Bavaria, and the general commissioner of holy places in Jerusalem during the period 1772-86.13

      By the mid-19th century the Dutch and English began claiming that the South American supply of cinchona was threatened by the non-sustainable cutting practices of the indigenous harvesters.14 As Brockway suggests, evidence did not necessarily back that claim. In 1839, William Dawson Hooker, son of the renowned botanist William Jackson Hooker, wrote his dissertation on cinchona. He claimed that completely cutting the trees, rather than harvesting pieces of bark, was a better method, because insects would attack cinchona plants that had simply been debarked. On completely cut (or “coppiced”) plants, new growth quickly appeared, and could be harvested again in 6 years. Years later it was also discovered that cut and regrown cinchona had higher levels of the effective alkaloids in its bark, and this method of harvesting became common on many plantations.15

      The efficacy of indigenous harvesting methods suggests that the transfer of cinchona culture by the Dutch and English to plantations located in Southeast Asia occurred because of a desire to control the trade, and not because Native American practices caused a decline in cinchona growth. Without a large, steady supply of quinine, British and Dutch imperialism in India and Africa might have failed — without the antimalarial drug, vast numbers of British and Dutch administrators, military personnel and merchants in these lands would have been stricken and possibly killed by the disease. The widespread use of cinchona came about because of the colonizing efforts of Europeans, and the drug, in turn, aided Europe in expanding its colonization even further.16


Your the kinda fight I'd like to get into

Tamarac park carousel nightmare 1982

  • I couldn't believe it was a real place after I had this dream and 1982 I just listed as a dream but it was a horrific dream that involved the death of my son and when I woke from the dream my baby was laying right there beside me so I knew it was not a nightmare I mean a dream but It was just a bad dream reassured when I saw my baby sleeping beside me all cuddled and warm the nightmare I had in 1982 involved something that I thought was not real and then I thought it was real it was a nightmare like no other ,  a precursor to mental illness. What haunts me even to this day. 
    So as I was taught by licensed psychiatrist and social workers I began to draw mental pictures in my mind that I can work through and calm myself. But little did I know that I would fall upon a place so much resembling that nightmare . It was built over 42 years ago! And my son was not even a twinkle in my husband Eye. So Ilook  for the significance and why the Lord told me about this place and I keep being drawn here, Which is where I reside in this nightmare dream today in the year 2013. Boy does this really really get twisted between dreams and reality? I am very grateful and thankful for my sobriety and the little sense that I have, Some call it just horses sense but I call it reality sobriety Monday news and just normal Mundane life.   There's very little difference between the dream and the reality of today the dream that I had  in 82 and reality that I am living right here in that dream and 2013 and my son is not here. 
    Depressed mournful lost dizzy giddiness 
    I bring reality to consciousness so you can see.  The carousel in my dreams.

    carousel (from French carrousel, from Italian carosello), or merry-go-round, is ... Thefirst carousel patent was granted on 25 July 1871, ...
    32 KB (4,857 words) - 17:50, 21 August 2013
  • The Dentzel Carousel Company was the firstAmerican carousel company and while thousands of carousels were made in the U.S., there are ...
    16 KB (2,417 words) - 15:33, 12 September 2013
  • Oklahoma! , Carousel , South Pacific , The King and I and The Sound ... The 1956 film version of Carouselmade in CinemaScope 55 , again ...
    26 KB (3,650 words) - 21:26, 7 July 2013
  • Charles I. D. Looff was a master carver and builder of hand-carved carousels and ... Looff built the first carousel at Coney Island in 1876...
    20 KB (2,847 words) - 04:49, 13 September 2013
  • In 1967 , the Raiders reached the postseason for the first time; they went on to win ...Coaching Carousel (2004–11): Norv Turner Era (2004–05) ...
    117 KB (16,777 words) - 23:16, 16 September 2013
  • Carousel is the second musical by the team of Richard Rodgers (music) and Oscar ...Following the spectacular success of the firstRodgers ...
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  • The C. W. Parker Carousel is a carousel built in 1912 currently operating in the ... state thecarousel was in when the museum firstacquired it. ...
    8 KB (1,283 words) - 23:22, 17 March 2013
  • The King and I is a 1956 musical film made by 20th Century Fox , directed by ... album wasfirst issued only ... Oklahoma (1955) andCarousel (1956), ...
    23 KB (3,466 words) - 06:17, 2 September 2013
  • made the Prater (which has ... public in 1766 Soon the first snack bars, ... The park also features various rides, bumper cars , carousels, ...
    3 KB (447 words) - 22:06, 1 April 2013
  • The first carousel to be installed at Euclid Beach Park was the ... (WRHS), which ownsthe carousel horses, chariots, and mechanism, announced ...
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  • Carousel for Missoula is a volunteer-built, hand-carved carousel in Missoula, ...townships to create their own home-and-hand-made carousels ...
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  • The park is also home to the Highland Park Dentzel Carousel and ... Arts in the Park, held on the first Saturday in April, provides a multi-...
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  • CD player (section Carousel)
    showcased the first top loading CD tray designs The design had a ... Such carouselCD changers often allow the user to rotatethe carousel ...
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  • Carousel is an online advertisement launched in April 2009 by Philips to promote ... Media publications made comparisons betweenCarousel ...
    22 KB (2,943 words) - 06:06, 25 February 2013
  • Conceived from an unfinished Gorillaz project called Carouselthe ... two on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 112,000 copies, and it ...
    58 KB (7,677 words) - 12:43, 27 August 2013
  • Arthur Looff actually commissioned thecarousel in 1904 for a little ... Looff’s Hippodrome at Chutes-at-the-Beach was thefirst permanently ...
    17 KB (2,507 words) - 23:36, 13 August 2013
  • Carousel is a 1956 film adaptation of the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein stage ... in stereo for the first time, along with all of the other ...
    23 KB (3,665 words) - 07:43, 11 September 2013
  • It first opened in 1976 as Marriott's Great America. Six Flags ... It originally consisted of six themed areas: Carousel Plaza, the first ...
    63 KB (9,631 words) - 15:55, 16 September 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do not interfere with police work

Because of the Texas death sentence and the execution of many people I am cautioning everyone that you meet and everyone that you see don't be too quick to judge those people and condemned them to death if you do not have concrete evidence. 

But on the other hand you have to allow it whatever they're doing to play out in order to find or convict a person of a heinous crime which is punishable by death. Unfortunately when and if this happens people seem to always get hurt.  And given enough time the criminal can escape. 
That's why I enjoyed watching the movie"Minority report". 
You've heard it said 100 times over when you see an American most wanted person or thing that that person is such a criminal to perform such heinous acts you call at the police and tell them this person is a suspect but they never go on just a hunch. So if you are aware of the fact that a person has committed such a heinous crime or such please notify your local sheriffs department or police department or Military police department.
For even if he is not apprehended after you make your statement to the police that you can cause at least some type of awareness around this individual that will either prove his innocence or condemn him to the crime which you thought that he committed. 
 And then I want to make you aware of the 10 Commandments one of the commandments is not to bear false witness against thy neighbor.
In rest back to this you know what incriminating damaging evidence can do when it is involving a vigilante or a posse or other groups a prejudice Even as much as the Black Panthers to name one. When justice is not rendered and even state troopers have issued or doled out judgments and sentences, Punishments. When you put the word out on somebody today's people really pay attention because people have so much hate bottled up inside of them for the way they've been treated in the past or in their lives. And just because a court will not judge or finds a real criminal not guilty because of power issues within the judicial system that they're usually can be with incriminating evidence judgments being rendered outside the judicial system that are also considered . And in light of this you must take great concern and caution when speaking such blasphemous an accusation know things about a person, Know that this person they have had a history of criminal views and know his nature and know about the way he lives to the extent that you're asking a posse to apprehending kill them and even go into a plot or webbing of events that would actually in evitably Calls the death of perhaps an innocent Man.
Seems to be more archaic events thatcause  things to happen in this way.

Elton John wrote a song called have mercy on the criminal and we all must learn to do this because someday we might be sitting on death row waiting first day of execution and then again maybe we won't but the truth of the matter is human being should not be so cold and ruthless. 
You should know your shit if you're hanging out with these type of people that will cause you to stumble and fall in your ways and in the righteousness of the path of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. 
And you should run from these type of people at all cost.  New not make any business skills with them if you intend to stay with you decision on Christ. These people are like the murky swamp or quicksand you stepping foot in it and just sink right on down .
And you can better bet that getting to the bottom of the problem is next to humanely impossible. 
They don't feel they should give such secrets away and for good reason.
All your attendance may be pointless and a waste of time.
But if you are the victim have been victimized by the people that you are trying to convict and you have a better chance than most but if they kill you first there's no way that you could never change what happens.
Please be careful people when approaching dangerous animals andgawking at  people. Always stay aware alert and on your toes, Be prepared to do combat hand-to-hand or otherwise but please do not bring a gun into this person's presents. 
My last journal entry for today  
God bless siranara 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I might have been a doctor

Good ole rot gut

Live long enough to tell his story I guess the rest of the generations will just have to guess At it,
Them Outlaws don't care nothing about telling you about the history of and the prohibition of alcohol. 
Will just let you sit there and guess at it too.
What a little PCE in a little TCE in Little Rot gut can't do, Your local market piggy. Wiggles  will do for you!
Yes sir no sir cancer?
Mystery illness goodbye, I wouldn't Believe you if you sang it to me in a song. 
Goodbye  ole rot gut so long. 

Sure to follow

Wait a minute wait a minute I know you're a freak ! 
But who's genius mind gave them a baby? 
Awe give them a chance!

 Worm your way out of that one ! If you don't worm your way out of that one there's more Sure to follow!

Bunch of freaks! They don't know the meaning of the word truth or truce.

Women beware! New concepts new laws!

Disambiguation  book Jewish mythology.
Dybbuk He correlates a piggyback ride, 

Women beware there is a new women's law or Bill going to going to affect, With a woman's health care in mind. 

Even though a woman maybe be able to conceive and bear a child at the age of 14 and a woman of matuhrity can give birth to dybbuk or Disambiguated piggyback rider. Laws are meant to protect women from things that are unknown or amidst there unawares.

Here's my proposal;

 The legal conceptual age of a woman With child should be 27 years of age and with this law comes stiff consequences for breach of contract. To both parties involved man or woman who conceived a child. That is under the age of 27, That all women must take some form of birth control depending on their trust level and their willingness to comply, With the new laws. 
These laws of been in effect for some time abroad and Amsterdam Holland red light district and bluelight district. All women who are prostitutes must have an annual physical and continuously be checked for gonorrhea syphilis and other venereal diseases before they can assume their prostitution careers. In other words they are two remaining constant check with their physicians. But here in the United States of America we have no such laws That I as the United States civilian are aware of, Although we do have We do have laws that state that we if we contract a communicable diseases that we are supposed to be reported to a certain place health department that certain place health department is to dole out the appropriate measures. So there will be no spreading of the diseases such as hepatitis AIDS syphilis gonorrhea, And other sexually-transmitted diseases. But to my knowledge I do not know of this law where a woman in a man have to be 27 years old before they can bring forth the child and not have birthright of America to child welfare department and the government intervening and intervention. These are rules and regulations that were not passed down to the younger generation and made in there unawares these laws did not exist to their knowledge. So I came to no surprise how stricken the Families were When the families and their children came up missing and nobody knew where they were, Or how the welfare department became involved and the parents were stiffly punished and in a corporal way. And made to pay attention to this issue, Because it was said that only certain minority groups and immigrants were treated this way. But that is untrue because there are several white families involved in it as well or Native American halfbreed so called Caucasian. And there were Caucasian people but they were not Americans they were immigrants and  minority groups from eastern companies or foreign lands.
There really is no way to address this issue being of its sensitive nature.
And while we bear this in mind we might also look at the many millions of children that were killed in foreign countries such as Germany and recollect that as being the wrong way to be. Still there are things we can learn from this. 
And we as a people of the United States of America must address is ever so intricately, With as much detail as possible. In order for us to bring about that change and to expose those who are working below or beneath the law such as child pornography rings and trading children , Human trafficking& 
In vitro fertilization and the DNA sell probes  sperm banks and donor organs, Rape incest and infidelities with minor children For while we must adhere to the stringent laws And orders. Of abstinence abstaining And using court correct moral standards.
Moral parenting and the right to protection of your children, .

The consequences are abortion mental psychiatric evaluations incarceration in mental psychiatric hospitals detainment in a mental hospital , drugs , brain surgeries, Lifetime probation monitoring, Sterilization. 

Being segregated away from your family and children, And possible deportation back to your own country. And worse you could get the electric chair the gas chamber lethal injection death by hanging. 

All those opposed say nay all those for this new bill say yeah!


I may not look disabled(this is the way the story goes...)

I may not look disabled but once upon a time that chair was mine, 
It's been in my life my whole entire life, I gradually worked up my way out of that chair, 
Because I was young and I was able to do that, 
And I know how hard it was...some of you  long for that opportunity.
But that chair is mine was mine and will always be mine, 
And if you're disabled that disability is yours was yours and will always be yours, 
Before dreamer like myself I dreamed of a better life one of normalcy, 
But when people start forgetting that you're disabled that's when you get a problem, 
And disability is disability no matter how you look at it,
Whether it's mental handicap or physical handicap on educational handicap, Or an elderly handicap,
When you look at the game of golf you get handicaps when you play! 
But that doesn't mean that your handicapped, Let's let's play credit where credit is due let's use the correct terminology and let's do what we can, Maybe someday maybe that day istoday your   looking at that chair and you're saying to yourself that chair is mine, And I would never begrudge you brother or sister if that chair is yours by all means take it, 
You know back in the old days when your kids say you're pissing me off your asking for your asking for it I'm going to punch you square in the nose, 
But unfortunately in order to be disabled you cannot live off the spoils of the disabled, 
Like it's a costume or something like that, And you are not even worthy to lose the latchet of the sandal of Jesus , Oreven-standing   his shoes, Standing his place, Or receive compensation from Jesus just because you can do that thing, But I myself could never hurt anyone of you!  it's a perfect place for thief to get relief. Hi believing Jesus, And that's the only reason why I'm not stuck in that chair, But that chair is my best friend and my family, And I feel just like that about that chair, And everyone who is bound to it. 

Please quit sucking people! Please stop discrimination exploitation humiliation degradation segregation, You name it I've been through! More than once.

If it works hard then it gets paid, And that chair  gets paid, 
Every time I sit my ass in it,
Grace you know how hard work it is to get up off the damn floor after being knocked down with centrifugal force and go back to work,
Seems like to me that skit never gets paid, 
And we got to do this in order just to keep up with poverty and the disabled and handicap, a stack of papers a mile high, 
And list countless blood test urinalysis Pap smears ultrasounds x-ray CAT scans you name it MRIs.... Damn that is so vulgar, 
Don't tell me we didn't earn social security, 
Don't tell me we don't deserve to live don't tell me we don't deserve a place of our own don't tell me we don't deserve to get paid when we go to work, And don't tell me you're going to use my name and smeared all over the United States of America, That you have provided no defense, You wouldn't even hear what we had to say, I put is in the proper channels that would get something done. But I'm a angry no! Am i scared yes, Am I alone no, Will i bare arms , no! Will I keep on yes and will i fight yes! 

A permanent horrible tragedy

The NRA set the conditions for 31,328 Americans to die from guns in 2010 alone. Guns can take a momentary impulse of despair, rage or carelessness, and make it into a permanent horrible tragedy. Eighty-five Americans are shot to death every day. Fifty-three of them are suicides. More than three a day are in Colorado, more and more are by "suicide by cop," or by murder-suicides - to send a message of rage. This is like having 10 "9/11s" every year. Shouldn't our response to gun violence be 10 times that of our response to 9/11? Chemical weapons, pipe bombs, anthrax, and nuclear devices are illegal. These are tools of war and mass killings, not toys for anyone's pleasure or rages. Are assault weapons that different? The NRA says "more guns" is the answer. If more guns made us safer, we would be the safest nation in the world. Instead our homicide rate for persons age 15 to 24 is 14 times that of other industrial nations.

John Morse merely wanted to hold gunmakers liable for the damage done by their products. The tobacco industry paid billions in medical costs. BP paid billions for the Gulf Disaster. Toyota paid over a billion for accelerator problems. Those who voted to recall John Morse and Angela Giron, for caring about public health and safety, are pawns of the NRA.

For this madness to stop, we must continue to try everything to limit access to guns and increase access to mental health services. Make both mental health care and "out-of-the-home" gun storage, accessible and cheap, if not free.

Mark German, Colorado Springs

One who was given the power

As one is given power, it comes with the possibility for arrogance which if not contained can affect an elected official's relationship with those that gave them the power. John Morse is an example of one who was given the power and but failed to contain the arrogance. At least three times during his tenure in the Senate and the recall election he demonstrated his disdain for those that gave him the power. First as the Senate president he used his power to control the debate on proposed gun laws so as not to allow an opposing view to be considered. Second on a cable news network, he stated that the recall was brought about by a "disgruntled unemployed plumber." Using such a term indicates that someone in the trades and out of work has no standing, an idea which goes against the American concept of universal franchise. Third by accepting donations from a strong supporter of what has become known as the "Nanny State", Morse indicated that he was willing to move Colorado in a direction of a bigger and intrusive government. Let the recall of Morse be a notice to both sides of the political spectrum, the voters demand an open and fair legislative process, as well as a political environment in which all are respected and can participate equally, resulting in a government that has minimal influence on our day-to-day lives.

Stephen Lord, Colorado Springs

Sounds like 'free crab tomorrow'

Regarding Councilman Joel Miller's position, using the facts as represented in your Sept. 12 editorial, I think he's on the correct side of the argument.

This $82 million of funding is based on forecast of future sales tax rebates generated by the proposed projects. Hence, the projects must be built to generate revenue and sales tax. These are not "startup funds." How is this application not locking us into completion of the projects? We may not be legally locked in, but rest assured, project proponents will argue loud and long that these projects must be voter approved and completed to access the sales tax rebates.

Here's a thought: What if we apply for, and receive, these fuzzy, future sales tax rebates, approve the projects (thus incurring real bond debt), and there is little or no sales tax increase? We still have the debt, but the anticipated $82 million does not materialize. Hmm.

Councilman Miller is being fiscally responsible. This proposal looks like a smoke and mirrors attempt to get a downtown stadium. Nice try. Kinda sounds like "Free crab tomorrow."

Jack Lundberg, Colorado Springs

History can't be fixed

Enough of the labels! Being insensitive doesn't make one a racist. Especially if you are talking cross culture like Dunkin' Donuts' charcoal doughnut in Thailand and the U.S. history of stereotypes. One cannot be an accidental racist.

On another note; if people would quit living in the past and start focusing on what they are contributing to the present and the future they would find themselves on a pretty good upwards path. History cannot be fixed, the future however can be molded. The preceding message is directed at the victim mentality of minorities and nations both.

Michael S. Welsh, Colorado Springs

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