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It's all psychological

It's all in your head, we haven't done anything to you, that is as of yet! No but what's wrong with my family why are they acting so strange towards me doc?They are like the omen to me. 
I cannot do much with this shitty social security check its only 368.00 man ? And I got two children .  I am disabled from their bullshit as it is!  They took me from one nightmare to the next , who the hell are these people ?  Why do they harass me so much?
I don't even know who they are ? 
And I detest them that much.
Why don't they leave?
Men are so seriously awful in relationships it is a total turn off! I have reason to hate them but I am not gay or queer! I am not going to go to work for them! I'd rather have a gender war than a retarded one about anything else. Men won't do a damn thing for anyone without expecting something in return.
Except maybe kill you or scare women to death. Minorities are ten times more likely to start these wars that say the upper class of people. I feel s…

Donate plasma? Never again omg

A black man and a white woman walk into a blood plasma center to donate blood one after the other. They go in and lay down side by side and the nurses poke them with the needle and pumps out a pint of pure red blood from each of them...the woman pointed at the black mans blood and said I don't think we should take anymore of his blood looks like he running low , nurse said how do you know? Well can ya tell his is  orange? The nurse looked and walked away and came back with the blood minus plasma and ask the black man which is yours? "A" or "O"? Which reminded. Me of a pick up line once use , "we all have red blood" , my blood is the same as your blood! He said mines "A"......I told the nurse please if he trying I am gonna be mad when I get up from here . And I opened my eyes and said no man yours is "O"... So they put our blood back and everything was cool, Later on, I wondered if the nurse played a trick on us. They wouldn't do tha…

Artificial intelligence

It's very intriguing to say the least , how pandora bots and simulated cloning can affect the human population with such profound results. Why? Has this been created? How a child can mock or mimic their own mother, or a villain or heroine? Even mock and imposter a doctor or a lawyer, and turn it into computer personalities that you can interact with. Alice was one of the first . Now robotics are reading your mail, giving you helpful answers to life's simple problems and your loving it. Whereas once you stand in front of a record player loading 45's disk of Elvis and Neil diamond or Aretha Franklin, now it's as easy as pushing a few buttons on a media player which eventually annoys you into turning it off. Life's problems being solved by commutation of A.I.  Will not seize to amaze you. Now a bounty of problems could make one Interesting load of answers and millions of buckaroos.  Is it not possible? That the beauty of the machine falls into enemy hands? Only to be rectif…

Tripping on a Nursery rhyme

Little Jack Horner sat in his corner eating his Christmas pie stuck in his thumb pulled out a plum and said oh what a good boy am I ? 
Try reciting this nursery rhyme while you're doing you're ole lady, 
Tripping , I bet god would make the pigs fly! Lol congrats!

Smoking emphysema malaria fever whooping coff and tuberculosis the common cold ,flu and cancer

One more the worst of all called __legionaires disease____ was also born in Europe hosted through air conditioners.If Emphysema can be alleviated by cinchona or Peruvian bark quinine ;here is a copy of these medicines instead of or in conjunction with ephedrine epinephrine   Caffeine  n-acetal cysteine  benedrylle adrenalin , regular coff syrup like NyQuil , & vaccines . Stay away from potassium, MSG, aspartame. 

Cinchona Bark | University of Minnesota LibrariesCinchona Barkby Juliet BurbaIn 16th century Europe, the fevers of the common illness “ague” often resulted in death. No one was immune to the fevers — they indiscriminately killed peasants, kings, princes and popes. Although today it is commonly considered a disease of tropical lands, in the 17th century malaria affected vast parts of Europe, including Rome, Versailles and London. Early 17th-century ague patients had one principal cure available to them — bleeding. If bleeding was ineffective, the physician might try purging…


Your the kinda fight I'd like to get into

Tamarac park carousel nightmare 1982

I couldn't believe it was a real place after I had this dream and 1982 I just listed as a dream but it was a horrific dream that involved the death of my son and when I woke from the dream my baby was laying right there beside me so I knew it was not a nightmare I mean a dream but It was just a bad dream reassured when I saw my baby sleeping beside me all cuddled and warm the nightmare I had in 1982 involved something that I thought was not real and then I thought it was real it was a nightmare like no other ,  a precursor to mental illness. What haunts me even to this day.  So as I was taught by licensed psychiatrist and social workers I began to draw mental pictures in my mind that I can work through and calm myself. But little did I know that I would fall upon a place so much resembling that nightmare . It was built over 42 years ago! And my son was not even a twinkle in my husband Eye. So Ilook  for the significance and why the Lord told me about this place and I keep being dra…

Do not interfere with police work

Because of the Texas death sentence and the execution of many people I am cautioning everyone that you meet and everyone that you see don't be too quick to judge those people and condemned them to death if you do not have concrete evidence. 
But on the other hand you have to allow it whatever they're doing to play out in order to find or convict a person of a heinous crime which is punishable by death. Unfortunately when and if this happens people seem to always get hurt.  And given enough time the criminal can escape.  That's why I enjoyed watching the movie"Minority report".  You've heard it said 100 times over when you see an American most wanted person or thing that that person is such a criminal to perform such heinous acts you call at the police and tell them this person is a suspect but they never go on just a hunch. So if you are aware of the fact that a person has committed such a heinous crime or such please notify your local sheriffs department or pol…

Tamarac pines sucker pond progress

Yeah we are being sumped out for a fresh clean pond and our benches being rebuilt. 

I might have been a doctor


Good ole rot gut

Live long enough to tell his story I guess the rest of the generations will just have to guess At it,Them Outlaws don't care nothing about telling you about the history of and the prohibition of alcohol.  Will just let you sit there and guess at it too. What a little PCE in a little TCE in Little Rot gut can't do, Your local market piggy. Wiggles  will do for you! Yes sir no sir cancer? Mystery illness goodbye, I wouldn't Believe you if you sang it to me in a song.  Goodbye  ole rot gut so long. 

Sure to follow

Wait a minute wait a minute I know you're a freak ! But who's genius mind gave them a baby?  Awe give them a chance!
 Worm your way out of that one ! If you don't worm your way out of that one there's more Sure to follow!
Bunch of freaks! They don't know the meaning of the word truth or truce.

Women beware! New concepts new laws!

Disambiguation  book Jewish mythology. Dybbuk He correlates a piggyback ride, 
Women beware there is a new women's law or Bill going to going to affect, With a woman's health care in mind. 
Even though a woman maybe be able to conceive and bear a child at the age of 14 and a woman of matuhrity can give birth to dybbuk or Disambiguated piggyback rider. Laws are meant to protect women from things that are unknown or amidst there unawares.
Here's my proposal;
 The legal conceptual age of a woman With child should be 27 years of age and with this law comes stiff consequences for breach of contract. To both parties involved man or woman who conceived a child. That is under the age of 27, That all women must take some form of birth control depending on their trust level and their willingness to comply, With the new laws.  These laws of been in effect for some time abroad and Amsterdam Holland red light district and bluelight district. All women who are prostitutes must have an annua…

I may not look disabled(this is the way the story goes...)

I may not look disabled but once upon a time that chair was mine, It's been in my life my whole entire life, I gradually worked up my way out of that chair,  Because I was young and I was able to do that,  And I know how hard it was...some of you  long for that opportunity. But that chair is mine was mine and will always be mine,  And if you're disabled that disability is yours was yours and will always be yours,  Before dreamer like myself I dreamed of a better life one of normalcy,  But when people start forgetting that you're disabled that's when you get a problem,  And disability is disability no matter how you look at it, Whether it's mental handicap or physical handicap on educational handicap, Or an elderly handicap, When you look at the game of golf you get handicaps when you play!  But that doesn't mean that your handicapped, Let's let's play credit where credit is due let's use the correct terminology and let's do what we can, Maybe someday mayb…

Congrats on your new baby girl JD

Welcome baby letcy Louise good luck child grand ms loves you! Mmuuahh!