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How how to ask to borrow your next-door neighbors bong

Is pretty obvious that you're over here smoking pot and I just wanted to borrow a bowl but said you  burned all the pots and the bowls So can I borrow your bong?( correct spelling is "bang")Most common reply is I have a dong! Well I guess that's bett r than nothing!
Have you ever got this reply "spare the rod and spoil the child" 
My neighbor replied ah, you bett r knot!  Matter of factly that is all I ever got no's and nay nays!

New watch "IFA" released just today September 27, 2013

There is a new innovation and potentially favorite invention ,  Samsung Galaxy Gear available for preorder at Best Buy
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A Galaxy compatible watch! Click on the blue link above

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How to connect home speakers to desktop sound card by tjgd

You can connect speaker wire to a 3.5 mm headphone jack with some soldering. Standard 2-wire speaker wire is designed to send a signal to one speaker at a time by creating a circuit from the audio source to the speaker. The marked side of the speaker wire is positive and the blank side is negative. A 3.5 mm stereo jack needs the signals from two 2-wire speaker wires to create a stereo output. The 3.5 mm connection uses a tip, ring and sleeve configuration to separate the signals.Ask http//  They have a nice descriptive seven step instructions. This means that you could get squid 3.5 mm female adapter and attach speakers as many as you want to your home Desktop computer and sound card.  Yes that's right but you can have to be somewhat of a patient person to be working with that 3.5 mm plugs TRS because that would take you plenty of time to make x amount of plugs attached wire then to speakers but when you get all that done you can plug them into a squid it's in the back …
Is going to be a services that everyone can get low cost services, such as a maid, handy man, computer assistance in home, painting, and more.
Moon lighters for extra cash.

VIDEO MADE by Tannie, in the 2000's A.D. "Hello, Butterflies, New Beginnings".

1.These videos were created by me for entertainment purposes and I have written and played  guitar in butterflies, it is one of my first melodies. 
2.In the video hello, it was a video letter to a dear friend of mine i havent seen in a very long time and i am quite upset, deeply feeling the song by evanescence, it was created a long time ago. Alot has changed since then even me. I am older now.
3.The third one Is called New beginnings! It featured Christina Aquilera and some tragedies during the time that I made the video.

SAY, do you still think its a difficult world that we live in?
Do you believe that  life is simple?
When reality syncs in?
You'll know the adequate answers?
Talking can be interpretative,
If you haven't got words that would be self explanatory,
Just whistle If your happy now!
Give it a little sweetness...
We can all appreciate that, wouldn't you agree?

listening to Peter Cetera, loved his music and Chicago ! 
Believe me I am smoking…

My apologies!

I didn't check om my blog recently, But I noticed there has been some melodramatic changes that the videos just come on all by themselves and it sounds like a dramatic advertisement, and I kinda like it? what do you think?
I will try to correct this problem. For now please adjust the sound on your computer.

I hate to say it but Your program sucks!

On the Social Security program of which I've been on for 20 Years?, You cannot adequately gift anyone your income level is below poverty level, There's a lot of hidden dangers when you're dealing with disabilities.  And the general population is set on edge .  This is been around since before Obamacare and there has not been any changes in the programming itself since Obama took office. The programming that we're receiving now as far as wheelchairs and medical equipment and supplies that we needed around the house was there before Obama came to office it just was not being offered to anyone. If you think that this is for free you have to think again because we live in poverty level we are required to live in HUD section 8, There are four main groups of people that are forced into section 8 there's the disabled, the handicap, the senior citizens, and the welfare moms and dad. And then there is the group of people who are on minimum-wage and cannot afford such high pr…

This and that

We call the hand and on the other hand...,You told me my mother was deceased but she was alive, The you said my father was alive, but he was deceased , The you threw the holy bible on the table and said I should read it .... But genesis 2;6 said the tree of knowledge we should not eat the fruit thereof.... So I shut it. Then you said I am dead through Christ? But that I myself no longer lives but Christ through me? Well hell how come I can't seem to live my own Life? Is it because we can't wear our own underwear? Then when I lost my mind.... Well  you said I was trying to kill myself. And I was not! Lol Then I asked Is that what you want ? Also compelled to pull the trigger... You told me you was trying to kill yourself! And I happen to be yourself! Uh oh ? Is there any other way?  We looked for  thousands of ways to die, Then we looked for the best way to die, Then we saw Nobel ways to die ... Then the worst way , Then we met the Gestapo mafia and the syndicate , and big black woman with o…

The yuks after a bout with antibiotics

try something for yeast infection after a series of antibiotic yeast candida grows it may be affecting the liver fluconazole  miconozole  diflucan  a natural antibiotic was made recently called neo Pleonot  made out of oranges instead of its usual source . Can buy it without a script. Also nonoxinol 9 is safe effective against HIV  is found in Vcf contraceptive foam, also kills sperm cells. And is 99% effective with a condom.  I learn little in psyche  Tea tree oil is effective but slow in its process, for nail fungus. Same as candida!
However candida is a well known fungus some are different types and may need a doctors script.
The kind that grows in the hair for instance. Which is aNother  subject. Take care!