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Child bearing women are not allowed

You will not allow women to have the right to smoke marijuana Colorado and like to go to the store medicine medicinal or not because you want children born with out addiction. That would fall in line with the oath of medical doctors first do no harm. But what were seen and which is so confusing is that they're actually prescribing medicinal and/or not and drugs addiction is the worst thing that can happen to a Child. Perhaps you have not seen the footage or movies or informative information of where children are being born to heroin addicted to heroin addicted to crack addicted to cocaine addicted to marijuana addicted addicted addicted...  What defines line between an addiction and usage.  People can be addicted to many things sometimes they don't know if they're even addicted.  People can be addicted to cars to movies music to people to love to drugs you name it there's an addiction for it but when it's things rather than drugs it's called in the obsession.  And w…

Education weaknesses and strength!

If you want to persons opinion on weaknesses and strengths of different philosophies and theories of evolution and revolutionaries well I would be a good question to ask him I believe that it is necessary to keep the Bible in mind and creation and if you remove the Bible and it's and its contents and his teachings and you have omitted something very very important in a child's life. As time moves on and we become more adapted to the 21st-century we also have to look at the educational system as a structure that has failed many times. Due to the fact that something was not there for children Who used to love being educated children used to love to go to school but when we go to school we sit in rooms all day, secondly we very rarely see our mothers and fathers when they have to work sometimes double shifts to pay the taxes that it's consuming. And many many children grow up to be disabled because of lack of education alone.   I don't necessarily equivalent the holy Bible…