Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Child bearing women are not allowed

You will not allow women to have the right to smoke marijuana Colorado and like to go to the store medicine medicinal or not because you want children born with out addiction. 
That would fall in line with the oath of medical doctors first do no harm. But what were seen and which is so confusing is that they're actually prescribing medicinal and/or not and drugs addiction is the worst thing that can happen to a Child.
Perhaps you have not seen the footage or movies or informative information of where children are being born to heroin addicted to heroin addicted to crack addicted to cocaine addicted to marijuana addicted addicted addicted... 
What defines line between an addiction and usage. 
People can be addicted to many things sometimes they don't know if they're even addicted. 
People can be addicted to cars to movies music to people to love to drugs you name it there's an addiction for it but when it's things rather than drugs it's called in the obsession. 
And when it's taking away it's called neurotic. And when  drug seeking mode it's called psychotic. 
But sometimes it is like a baby blanket to some people when they get stolen from and Rob from so many times they learned not to care about possessions. And they learn that these possessions or things get them into trouble.
The source may never be revealed because that is something people hold very very confidential. 
But see you baby addicted to heroin or other opiates such as marijuana is something you do not want to see a baby going through . Least of all your own.
Money is on only secondary to drug addiction. And money can be addiction too. 
Intelligent design is not something that we can wholeheartedly sink our teeth into. 
Two types of psychology in this world freudiani and Darwinism, .... Where did the year 1692 which is winches warlocks and black arts become involved with that?
We call it the black arts because it's associated with hoodoo voodoo black magic and all sorts of magic.
Women's simply do not want to be called mundane homebodies and  they are not as innocent as you think they are. 
Vendettas are something that gets in the way, sometimes rightly so. 
Who doesn't feel for these children?
Who doesn't want to forget the pain?
The steps we take in life are necessary.
But above all when most learn to remain calm. You can think better when you're calm.
Don't allow the antagonist to work you over, and put you in a sweat box for the rest of your life.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Education weaknesses and strength!

If you want to persons opinion on weaknesses and strengths of different philosophies and theories of evolution and revolutionaries well I would be a good question to ask him I believe that it is necessary to keep the Bible in mind and creation and if you remove the Bible and it's and its contents and his teachings and you have omitted something very very important in a child's life. As time moves on and we become more adapted to the 21st-century we also have to look at the educational system as a structure that has failed many times. Due to the fact that something was not there for children Who used to love being educated children used to love to go to school but when we go to school we sit in rooms all day, secondly we very rarely see our mothers and fathers when they have to work sometimes double shifts to pay the taxes that it's consuming. 
And many many children grow up to be disabled because of lack of education alone. 
 I don't necessarily equivalent the holy Bible with the establishment of church although it is good for some and not so good for others. 
And also many tragedies of happened within the church structure and is as a religious establishment but we still have yet to determine if in fact that they are truly religious establishment as relative to tax credits. It got put in your hand small things how can we ever expect to accomplish big things without tackling the small things first and that is when the small little bitty print that you see when you go to church says I get a tax credit or I don't have to pay taxes because I'm a religious establishment. 
How many people do you really think will tell the truth regarding their taxes especially when they're very much of Burden. 
But back to the subject this structure of school and educational board is to educate children regardless of how anybody else feels about it and that education is solely in the Board of Education's hands and you mentioned Texas and California as being the primary book purchasers of our time, but the truth of the matter is it looks at California now ... But now I don't know about you but I have to frown on some of their ways and I don't see much religious establishments connected with California unless you want to call Charlie Manson., or possibly Jim Jones of Surinami preachers and philosophers and all the good things he might've said about them two people had it not been relative to committed crime.  We must learn not to expect perfectionist out of our people we must allow them chance to evaluate it and decide for themselves and that is what Jesus brought to the table was the right to make your own decision regarding following who you want to which makes sense of leaders and followers. 
It is a choice you have to make at some time in your life, to accept Christ as your personal savior or any other religious establishment and their doctrines or to follow an occult leader or to follow a carnal leader ,  or perhaps even in that you might include a military leader such as the Navy the army the Air Force in the Marines orthe Coast Guard? 
But we all must learn to follow the laws of God and we must all learn to follow the laws of the land. 
And to give to Caesar what is due to Cesar. 
But I will quote a federal psychologist Mr. Ben Hargrove as being a voice in my recent past saying that there's not just one true God that he believes in the mist of religion mythology . 
That man in some point of his life might have been part of that mythology of God's cast down to earth such as Lucifer was cast to Earth, but that again the hypothesis. 
I believe that you cannot teach a talented intelligent design with out a superhuman for where would you derive your opinion about perfectionism if you had no one to turn to and as I said many children are absent of their parents during school. So we look to the Board of Education as kind of like a babysitter but kind of like a tutor and a mother. And that education is expecting perfection of people that don't even know what perfection is. 
When you're teaching someone you teach and hopefully you'll teach him the right things and the right path to stay on.
Then when he is troubled like so many people are in their lifetime he will reflect upon this and find his way through the maddening life we live today.
When it comes down to you in the evening time after a long day trying to teach something to someone who has a thick skull or who has determined your destination and your life and where you're going to go you have to have something to fall back on thats going to cushion the blow.
I was told by a friend of mine that the Texas educational system is not accurate and does not teach the truth but what is the truth did you see it with your own eyes can you for a fact say that actually happened. 
Where is the evidence of the preponderance with which you base your intelligence and your facts on? All good stories have to have concrete evidence and the evidence is the fact of what you support your theory. If you have no evidence then how can you say it's true. And if in fact it is true then why would you bring such facts  to children Who doesn't understand The history of the United States of America and is bloody and gory to say the least . Candy coating something that no one even wants to remember ? And for the sake of argument why should they ? The holy Bible maybe treacherous but is still clean  in comparison to the United States of America today which pales in the shadow of the teachings of the holy Bible And education awards believe that we're all perfect and that we can grasp a hold of what they're trying to tell us or teach us. What do you expect for The younger generation to believe? I would rather say that the church's absence face has abundant amount of religion but the school is absent any part of that which is absent the religion and the church and the holy Bible. 
And one thing that remains true above all is that people just cannot get enough of chaos. 
I thirst like no other!
But to teach the Bible and get a gander at the size of those textbooks in conjunction with the educational board is a mental overload for a mind so young. But if it's absence would we believe in something other than what you teach and could that other thing be possibly love and if that other thing is love then what actually are you selling to the kids? 
Casanova? Some of the greatest lovers in history? 
It's really not important to know the details of that though sex education is important to next extent but more important is health and how you maintain it. 
How how should we preserve such things from our ancient history to present them to you today. 
It would be better to teach archaeology than science, and leave hypothesis and critiques up to them. 
If science is something you desire to take on as a religion then more power to you! Because in the long run science is going to have to agree with the religious establishment in the church as well. We all come to this point where we have to decide for ourselves. If you give them knowledge you can't omit the facts if there is no fax then why should we believe you? And if we can't believe you then will turn away from you. 
And if you turn away then there is a possibility of deception and deceit. No one can live forever and that goes for science religion church man and beast. 
Our lives are very very short this may come as gayest, May your lives be of mercy and blessings and the good things of life live long and happy and prosperous. We cannot always sit and an argumentative way about right and wrong, many man will sit and ponder his life away on just that. 
You won't do it because it's wrong and you will do it because it's right but those are the steps and footprints in the sand. 

Do I dare detect you stumbling and falling before something you know nothing of?

That's a good indication that you need to know, I hope this enlightens you and puts this in perspective if there were any changes in the educational board that needed to be made I'm sure they've already been made but here's one that I think you should add , that you should also add theology as an elective, not as an alternative. Such as you added Spanish French and other languages, you should also add theology as an elective in high school, or an extra credit for continuation of education. That there would be your clear definitive answer. 

Thank you for reading my blog I appreciate it I will send a copy of this to my friends I have friends in high places and I have some very distinguished friends I hope that you will become part of them thank you and have a blessed day and may God be with you. 


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