Wednesday, October 16, 2013




Hell no I can't pay for your hamburger... Get the hell out of here princess! 

They will never have nothing but heartaches and pain for the rest of their lives.
We Didn't Loose our Frankie's see now no one wants to play with you.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Please stop harassing the tenants

Some people don't know the meaning of the word take it easy they don't know anything about Mercy or anything but I am not going to stand around looking stupid people yelling at each other. Dragging residents into thier problems.
Chasing people around the fucking yard because they don't want him to stand in the same circle they want you to stand 25 feet away from them. 
That way if you get shot a stray bullet won't hit them. 
They're spoiled rotten and they're not VIPs. Not my family if they treat me like shit I ignore but a lot of times you can't its not normal to keep yelling at you that's within damn New Yorkers are doing down here fucking Causing problems for the senior citizens, and the disabled. 
The management at like they don't even care. That Interfaith he says they want to be treated with respect and they want everyone to treat them with respect that they don't treat nobody else with equal respect or right like Interfaith doesn't treat everybody the same way that only treat the senior citizens not the young disabled people.
I'm gonna have to report it to to the company but I'm not gonna reported to the company I'm gonna report it to people who who handle cases such as this. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

They are preparing the biggest party you've ever seen in your life!

Is just a nasty trick everybody plays tricks on people every once a while but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty and you're playing tricks on people that gets really serious. 

Notoriously speaking magicians are great at tricks they do sleight-of-hand then and the hand is quicker than the eye. 

And when a man gets into trouble he plays tricks too. 

Women are equally notorious for playing tricks, Especially women who are married. 
Women of the eighties like ladies of the night. 
There are many who would challenge a Christian even Christians play tricks. 
And they don't like it very much when they get tripped by tricks. 
Him but this is one that nobody really thought newtons third law of relativity. 

That circumstances in a certain order would actually fall in such a way that would give of man A new organ (heart). 

So one day a boy man was in love with a beautiful woman and she needed a heart transplant and she was on her deathbed it was not going to make it and there was no organs that she could get. 
So the man went out and was able to kill himself in such a way that he could be her organ transplant. The medical society done a heart transplant for the first time here in Texas. 
And that was a story I love story that you will never understand .
The story of love that was so deep and moving you will never understand.
That people cannot love that deeply because it moves you in such a way that is totally unselfish, And if you love someone that much then what do you propose to do? 
And then one day you're slapped in the face as you're reading this long and deeply moving love story with someone you love very much. 
Then you hear of stories that of people jumping from high-rise buildings for the lack of love or in the pursuit of it because love was money .Hear is a story you may not have heard of A man and his teenage girlfriend were experimenting with marijuana. Somehow or another the man took her virtue at night. And it was a very very intimate thing for him A pleasure that was unheard of for this day and age. But his girlfriend was taken away from him and he didn't see her for a long time. This pleasure linger with him throughout the time that he was awAy from her and when he smoked grass it heightened the memory. 
So he began to smoke more frequently and more often found himself driving alone the darkened streets and roads at night looking for another one just like her. Lost in his mind lonely and consume the fumes of marijuana he wondered where she had went and thought he might see her along the roads. 
But he never did. 
But by the time he had extinguish the memories of her he was well on his way to being addicted to marijuana. 
Marijuana is a psycho drug. But for man of his kind marijuana and drugs is something they narrowly escaped. 
Tainted with the virtue of a woman was more powerful than any man could stand. 
He was from the Vally of Mexico. 
He was destined at that point even the young man that he was. For our young innocent minds it is very hard to get away from the past when it's written in hypnotic and seduction. 
That women are not the only ones who have virtue, and can lose something in that process. 
Sometimes men do not understand The power that a woman can hold you. The other thing is the power that a woman can hold you with. 
Marijuana was not just a drug it was the biggest date rape drug there ever was. That it not only took the woman but also the man. For this reason they called it maryjane and in Spanish mo-ta . 

The man got up and said to himself that is the worst nightmare I have ever had. 

As they went out and killed them one by one by one.

Helpless like slaughtering lambs.


We all know about the many deaths that people can suffer, this is because mankind is a ingenious. Lets say they call it "THE GRIM REAPE...