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False positives and hysterical hypes

The below was found to be untrue because of knowledge brought forth by experts . However beware of the vaccines they have a bad vaccine in strawberry health clinic. Administered to a baby hence "baby jane". Spinal problems .the vaccine ate a hole in her mothers arm.People who do not have health care abuse and are abusing people who have health care trying to get them to provide drugs to them and medical services. This included abide in their unawares. Even creating scenarios to injury for pain medication. Wikipedia

The oral polio vaccine (OPV) AIDS hypothesis suggests that the AIDS pandemicoriginated from live polio vaccines prepared inrhesus macaque tissue cultures and then administered to up to one million Africans between 1957 and 1960 in experimental mass vaccination campaigns.[1][2]

Data analyses in molecular biology andphylogenetic studies contradict the OPV AIDS hypothesis; consequently, scientific consensus regards the hypothesis as disproven.[3][4][5][6] The journal Nature has described the hypothesis as "refuted".[7]

Oral polio vaccine

Oral polio vaccines were developed in the late 1950s by several groups, including those led by Albert SabinHilary Koprowski and H. R. Cox.[10] A poliovirus type 1 strain called SM was reported in 1954. A less virulent version of the SM strain was reported by Koprowski in 1957. The name of the vaccine strain was “CHAT” after "Charlton", the name of the child who was the donor of the precursor virus.[11] The Sabin, Koprowski and Cox vaccines "were clinically tested in millions of individuals and found to be safe and effective". Because monkey trials found fewer side effects with the Sabin vaccine, in the early 1960s, the Sabin vaccine was licensed in the USA and its use supported by the World Health Organization.[10]

I heard that a French man named Louis foulcault was the grand father of this nasty virus. That it was believed that German migrated it to the USA and that the beaches was the host and was the medi to which polio was contracted. 

From sand! Much like our microchips. 

People are waiting and preparing themselves for the news. , the reason not allowing negros to drink from our water fountain was not just prejudice it was because so many Africans has syphillus.

The Baby Doe Law or Baby Doe Amendment is the name of an amendment to the Child Abuse Law passed in 1984 in theUnited States that sets forth specific criteria and guidelines for the treatment of seriously ill and/or disabled newborns, regardless of the wishes of the parents.

Details of the lawEdit

The Baby Doe Law mandates that states receiving federal money for child abuse programs develop procedures to report medical neglect, which the law defines as the withholding of treatment unless a baby is irreversibly comatose or the treatment is "virtually futile" in terms of the newborn's survival. Assessments of a child's quality of life are not valid reasons for withholding medical care.

Background of the law

Changes in the regulations over time

Actual text of the lawEdit

The following text is found under theeligibility requirements for federal funding in U.S.C.A. TITLE 42, CHAPTER 67, Sec. 5106a.Grants to States for child abuse and neglect prevention and treatment programs:

(B) an assurance that the State has in place procedures for responding to the reporting of medical neglect (including instances of withholding of medically indicated treatment from disabled infants with life-threatening conditions), procedures or programs, or both (within the State child protective services system), to provide for--
(i) coordination and consultation with individuals designated by and within appropriate health-care facilities;
(ii) prompt notification by individuals designated by and within appropriate health-care facilities of cases of suspected medical neglect (including instances of withholding of medically indicated treatment from disabled infants with life-threatening conditions); and
(iii) authority, under State law, for the State child protective services system to pursue any legal remedies, including the authority to initiate legal proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, as may be necessary to prevent the withholding of medically indicated treatment from disabled infants with life threatening conditions;

The Case of Baby Jane Doe

Oct. 11, 1983 - Baby Jane Doe is born at University Hospital at Stony Brook, New York. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services receives a hotline complaint that Baby Jane Doe may be a victim of denial of medically beneficial care for her spina-bifida (an opening in the spinal column).

Oct. 1983 - The first physician who examines Baby Jane Doe recommends surgery. The first judge who hears the evidence orders surgery. Her parents refuse to consent and receive court approval to pursue custodial care only. During the ensuing court battle, Baby Jane Doe undergoes surgery, which will allow her to talk, laugh, and attend school in a wheelchair in the future.

Nov.17, 1983 - HHS, denied access to the medical records by University Hospital, is forced to commence legal action to obtain the medical records for Baby Jane Doe and is denied the records by the Federal District Court.

Feb. 23, 1984 - A three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit, U.S. Court of Appeals, rules 2-1 that the government may not have access to the medical records of Baby Jane Doe, saying that Congress had not intended Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to apply to cases involving denial of medical treatment to handicapped newborns.

May 8, 1984 - The Justice Department files a request with the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals asking the entire 12-member court to rehear the government’s Baby Jane Doe case.

Mar. 13, 1984 - The American Medical Association and five other medical groups file suit in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to invalidate the Administration’s new Baby Doe regulation on the basis of the 2nd Circuit decision, claiming that efforts to investigate "alleged discrimination in treatment decisions involving impaired new born infants" are contrary to congressional intent. The judge delays ruling on the regulation, but issues a verbal warning against enforcement of the regulation in the meantime. ( AHA & AMA v. Heckler)

May 17, 1984 - The Second Circuit Court of Appeals denies the Justice Department’s request for rehearing the Baby Jane Doe case.

May 23, 1984 - U.S. District Court Southern District of New York grants summary judgment in AHA & AMA v. Heckler invalidating the Administration’s Baby Doe regulation saying that they were promulgated without statutory authority.

June 11, 1984 - The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York issues its final injunction order against the Baby Doe regulation, declaring it "invalid and unlawful" and halting any further implementation of the regulation, including any investigation of charges of medical neglect of handicapped newborns.

July 26, 1984 - The Baby Doe provisions of the Child Abuse Amendments of 1984 pass the U.S. Senate by a voice vote.

Aug. 17, 1984 - The Justice Department decides to drop efforts to obtain medical records of Baby Jane Doe, but appeals injunction against Baby Doe regulation to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. (AHA & AMA v. Heckler)

Oct. 9, 1984 - President Reagan signs the Child Abuse Amendments of 1984, making it illegal for doctors to withhold nourishment or medically indicated treatments unless the infant is comatose, the treatment will promote its death or is "futile in terms of the survival of the infant."

Dec. 10, 1984 - In order to implement the Baby Doe provisions of the Child Abuse Amendments of 1984, HHS publishes a proposed regulation which closely follows the expressed intent of Congress. Receipt of federal funds for child abuse programs will be dependent on the states assuring that denial of ordinary medical treatment for handicapped babies will be treated as a form of child abuse or neglect and responded to accordingly with legal remedies.

Article Shortcut:

Media hotlist, on terrorism.

Crime syndicates are criminal organizations which run common illegal businesses on a larger scale. This type of business was usually held by the Italian American Mafia crime families. Although there were members of those organizations, the Gambino crime family was definitely one of the biggest organizations, dominating the territory withinNew York This article is about an association of people or groups. For other uses, see Syndicate (disambiguation).

syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed to transact some specific business, or to promote a common interest. In most cases formed groups aim to scale up their profits. Although there are many legal syndicates formed around the world, people tend to link the term syndicate to variouscriminal activities. In the case of criminal activity, the syndicate is there to promote, and engage in, organized crime. The term is also associated with anarchist theory, specifically anarcho-syndicalism, in which it forms an alternative to both the nation state and capitalist corporations.[1]

The word syndicate comes from the Frenchword syndicat which means trade union(syndic meaning administrator), from the Latinword syndicus which in turn comes from theGreek word σύνδικος (syndikos) which meanscaretaker of an issue, compare toombudsman or representative.

Comment;  One of the largest newspaper articles in the world and usually the media type that all common folk are supposed to avoid and not even listen to. 

That the standard television that we see today is by syndicate and this syndicate did not come from the Gambino family it came from the Jonestown Surinami Mexico. 
Which may be that Mr. Jim Jones was a member of the syndicate. It started  in Mexico with their tower that they use to project the sermons within the area of the Jonestown camp or Sir Nami Mexico. 

But in fact in 1982 that Miss Princess Diana of Wales was a syndicate of the mafia perhaps related to Surinami is well. 

And that and because of that may have been the reason why she die if she had in fact died at all. 

There are several geographical locations that they continue to perform these experimental test. 
States like California and Texas and New Mexico. Similar to hg wells alien invasion. 

From these test and experimental drug use abuse you came up with the martyr Charlie Manson and Jim Jones. 

No one could have save their lives. 

But as it seems to be Charlie Manson is still alive. 

Perhaps even some of his Acute leaders and followers that were taught by Charlie Manson and Jim Jones are still alive perhaps even escape justice and went on to continue a normal life. 

While others were framed for their criminal mischief. 
Some as state evidence remained within USA to answer to any infamous lines of questioning. 
Others were not mentioned at all. Most were presumed deceased
And it is possible that that criminal mischief even included O.J. Simpson Michael Jackson dr. Bill Murray dr. Kevorkian and another doctor that was on the media hotlist was a Poland Dr. Polish doctor who was inventing a cure for cancer. Another hotlist included religious beliefs such as the occult that believes in handling snakes. I do not know much about David Karesh but that was seem like it was a target to release anger. Also German physicists and genetic engineers . Still cultivating there perfect human race. 

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Your not understanding me

Why doesn't anybody ever treat anybody right, now I completely understand why women in the past became homebodies, 
It was an acceptable situation. Why money seem to be appreciative but when women had money it wasn't worth two Pennies rubbing together. What people don't tell you today can't hurt you , you can be totally discriminated against and not even know. In the Bible that the Bible says that it's a sort of blindness but yet you still have site but if the blindness of spiritual blindness that people don't know they have. God says that this type of blindness is most commonly found in Saints and people who are innocent. 
And you can't even take chances on a situation like that. I really truly believe that is why some people walk out try to get in their car and get ran over by a bus. 
That is why fate can be mastered money can be measured That is why destiny can be fulfilled And that is why some people say that the end is near or can predict such a thing. 
In 2013 we all must realize and admit to ourselves that mankind has passed over the threshold realms of understand. Where  the senselessness is [1]
understanding and were somethings have no sense, and others make no sense . and our values have been depreciated. Some people call it being mentally "geared stripped." Sometimes iMessage you'll hear burn outs minds , and people who fade away. Somes mentality  are referred to as "jellied". 
Sometimes I truly believe and other times I don't.
The mind in itself though has become invaluable.
Now mans understanding has a self destruct mode that will eventually turn against itself in  a way of self defence.
He will annialate anything in its wake or in its path.
I don't know anything about this except to say the mind is a terrible thing. Listen to nothing it says.and never answer it with a question. 
One day as hideous as it may sound mankind will ascertain the human Brain and will suspend it outside the body and even correlate with it . 

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Talking about cruelty to elderly handicapped and disabled

This line of questioning should not be used on mentally ill persons. On communities of seniors and handicapped. Or disabled.

Cause they take the bate and use it to abuse them later on.  

They also use this testing to ransack and terrorize subjects.

Not to mention rob and steal identity.

During United States presidential electioncampaigns, litmus tests the nominees might use are more fervently discussed when vacancies for the U.S. Supreme Court appear likely. Advocates for various social ideas or policies often wrangle heatedly over what litmus test, if any, the president ought to apply when nominating a new candidate for a spot on the Supreme Court. Support for, or opposition to, abortion is one example of a common decisive factor in single-issue politics; another might be support of strict constructionism. Defenders of litmus tests argue that some issues are so important that it overwhelms other concerns (especially if there are other qualified candidates that pass the test).

The political litmus test is often used when appointing judges. However, this test to determine the political attitude of a nominee is not without error. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren was appointed under the impression that he was conservative but his tenure was marked by liberal dissents. Today, the litmus test is used along with other methods such as past voting records when selecting political candidates.

The Republican Liberty Caucus is opposed to litmus tests for judges. "We oppose ‘litmus tests’ for judicial nominees who are qualified and recognize that the sole function of the courts is to interpret the Constitution. We oppose judicial amendments or the crafting of new law by any court."[1]

Professor Eugene Volokh believes that the legitimacy of such tests is a "tough question", and argues that they may undermine the fairness of the judiciary:

Imagine a justice testifies under oath before the Senate about his views on (say) abortion, and later reaches a contrary decision [after carefully examining the arguments]. "Perjury!" partisans on the relevant side will likely cry: They'll assume the statement made with an eye towards confirmation was a lie, rather than that the justice has genuinely changed his mind. Even if no calls for impeachment follow, the rancor and contempt towards the justice would be much greater than if he had simply disappointed his backers' expectations.
Faced with that danger, a justice may well feel pressured into deciding the way that he testified, and rejecting attempts at persuasion. Yet that would be a violation of the judge's duty to sincerely consider the parties' arguments.[2]

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WOLF, common name for the species of animals that, with jackals and domestic dogs, make up the genus Canis, family Canidae (seeDOG FAMILY). Two species—and a varying number of subspecies—of wolves are recognized: the gray, or timber, wolfC. lupus, once widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia; and the red wolfC. rufus, which now occurs only in Texas and Louisiana. An adult timber wolf measures up to 1.6 m (6.5 ft) in length, including the tail (which is less than half the body length), and may weigh up to 80 kg (175 lb). The animal is red-yellow or yellow-gray, with black patches above and white below; those in the far north, however, may be pure white, and black or brown timber wolves also occur. The red wolf is somewhat smaller in size and usually darker in color, and may represent a cross with the COYOTEAll wolves are characterized by powerful teeth, bushy tails, and round pupils, and they are distinguished from domestic dogs (some breeds of which they otherwise resemble) by certain characteristics of the skull.
Wolves are equally at home on prairies, in forestlands, and on all but the highest mountains, but they are not found on desert lands. In the winter they travel in packs in search of food. Small animals and birds are the common prey of wolves, which also eat berries, but a pack may sometimes attack reindeer, sheep, and other large mammals, usually selecting weak, old, or very young animals for easier capture. When no live prey can be found, wolves feed on carrion.
The den, or lair, of the wolf may be a cave, a hollow tree trunk, a thicket, or a hole in the ground dug by the wolf. The breeding season is in the spring, and the female has a litter of three to nine cubs. The cubs normally stay with the parents until the following winter but may remain much longer. Parents and young constitute a basic pack, which establishes and defends a territory marked by urine and feces. Larger packs may also assemble, particularly in the winter; the pack leader is called the alpha male, and its mate is the alpha female. As social animals, wolves exhibit behavioral patterns that clearly communicate dominance over or submission to one another; the communal howling of a pack may serve to assemble its members, communicate with other packs, advertise its territorial claims, or simply be a source of pleasure.
Although wolves are still abundant in eastern Europe and in Asia, only remnant populations now exist in western Europe, and their numbers in the New World also have been greatly diminished. They are fairly abundant in Alaska and Canada, but remnant populations of timber wolves south of Canada occur only in Minnesota and Mexico. The decreasing numbers of wolves are the result of encroachments on their territory by humans, who have long regarded wolves as competitors for prey and as dangerous animals in themselves. The fact is that few, if any, healthy wolves have attacked humans, whom they instead try to avoid, and wolves are valuable predators in the FOOD WEB Their decimation has led to the overpopulation of a number of other animal species in various areas. Humans have also used wolves, in that sledge dogs are often crossbred with wolves to improve the vigor of the stock.
DANDIE DISMOUNT TERRIER, breed of terrier, originating before 1700 in the Cheviot Hills region between Scotland and England, used for hunting small game. The breed is named after a character in the novel Guy Mannering (1815) by the Scottish writer Sir Walter Scott. The Dandie Dinmont’s coat is a mixture of hard (but not wiry) and soft hairs and is either pepper- or mustard-colored. The dog has a large head with a well-rounded dome covered with a topknot of light-colored, silky hair. The muzzle is moderately short, broad, and bearded; the low-set ears hang against the cheeks; and the large eyes are round and of a dark hazel color. Because the front legs are shorter than the hind legs, the dog’s back arches up from the shoulders to the hips. The tail, about 25 cm (10 in) long, is carried above the horizontal, showing a slight amount of upward curve. The Dandie Dinmont stands 20 to 28 cm (8 to 11 in) high at the shoulders, has a body length of about 36 cm (14 in), and weighs 8 to 11 kg (18 to 24 lb). The dog’s intelligence and affectionate nature make it a good pet indoors or out, but its coat requires regular attention. The breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1886.
Natural recolonization of wolves began in the late 1970s in and around Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. In 1995 the U.S. government began a program, supervised by the Fish and Wildlife Service, of reintroducing the endangered North American gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and to a wilderness area in central Idaho; by 2008 there were an estimated 1500 gray wolves in this region, and the government removed them from its p
rotected list, allowing them to be hunted.


well I haven't slept in my bedroom for months now due to the fact that my neighbors are lighting bonfires and what is my backyard and my...