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Serious Infections around and about town

Only aggitated by the fungus growing.Most of them are antibiotic resistant.

Time to go to work to help these people!

Who Will volunteer?

Damn good cleansers, and medicine for infections.

So I spend my money on anything that will help but I am no good without a cash flow.

Try the American Red Cross.

November October 7th 2013
We should use something to kill the fungus in the soil

Why are people prejudice? Territorial? Why we have separate water fountains

I know you don't believe me you may understand that it's not my cross to bare, You may think I'm not compassionate, I Wanna say our government would not let you on USA soil, which is still being considered .
Louisiana New York and Texas were not considered USA soil our land depreciated, our home were sold for less than fair market price because you stole seat.
Our money also was depreciated because you make deals for exchange of legal tender for illegal tender.
We do not look kindly upon you because you crossed states lines and forgot very important information which got a lot of people killed others maimed and disabled.
Perhaps you shouldn't favor us USA so much and go home think about it find another wAy!!!

Suicide girls Dallas Texas 2013 burlesque

Looks like some women have found thier calling in life! Would you rather have burlesque, vaudeville strippers at your bachelor party?

To Mr Awess

I know you may be Angry with me, but we're not fighting and that is very good. We have not contested!  Simply finding peace is an accomplishment.  Let's see it through. Resolution. "Stay"of execution if ms . Wournos will continue to manage her anger issue without strike, or weapons verbal bashing, or thrashing. Bad Reputation has a means of making people leave you alone .  However ; as we all know some people never learn at times it's not at their own fault but because of disability. Then you have the ones that take no instruction at all, pretty much runs over everyone. What's the occasion? Have you found the motive? When there is so much motive and wrong doing its hard to overlook. Here's the kicker, fight or flight syndrome. Obsessive compulsions, ordinary daily habits, we overlooked it completely . Doesn't mean it's not there anymore. Like the flu, whooping cough were vaccinated so we think its dead.(because you never got the disease) Then we stop va…

The Occult is in deep deep Trouble right now?? CARNAL SINS? These are crimes that the occult commits.why Darwinism was frowned upon.(A dawg named gawd)

I AM MONKEY DOG(dogs are not vegetarian, they are carnivorous.They have to have meat bi-products.
I AM HUMAN w/RH Factor Everyone seems to be having so much fun with this issue. Though carnal sin is carnal sin. The issues with cloning and genetically gene splicing, invetro fertilization , cancer research , HIV AIDS, and progeria, Cleft palate, and other troubles.
The Y chromosome is one of two sex-determiningchromosomes (allosomes) inmammals, including humans (the other is theX chromosome). In mammals, the Y chromosome contains the geneSRY, which triggers testicle development if present. The human Y chromosome is composed of about 50 million base pairs. DNA in the Y chromosome is passed from father to son, and Y-DNA analysis may thus be used in genealogical research. With a 30% difference between humans and chimpanzees, the Y chromosome is one of the fastest evolving parts of the human genome.
This man above is a dog man, I never believed that this was possible, and I will continue to di…