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So Blackman you wanna get married??

In regards to the issue of separAte water fountains and racial prejudices , this I explained was done because of the extreme problems of out break of syphillus in thoughts day and it was said that the blacks were the ones who were victims if this desease. This desease was local to prostitution in South America who in this time and she now sell antibiotics over the counter . Have become antibiotic resistant. And now viral as in warts and moles. This strain is bring analialated but the people are still needing funds and so this strain is being prolonged life, to continue its people . Backed it down to a molecular level.then became something else .  During this time it is my understanding that the idealogy of a black president born. We supported it with our nominations  .  During the war of Sudan we found a culprit of intention, and a man of malicious intent.  Some say satan still roams the face of the earth if satan is alive then so his years are extended till the end an Armageddon the wors…

Grand finally!!!! 2013 cinco centavos!! .05 cents

I don't know if anyone had noticed but there is a commemorative copy of the newspaper on nov 23 rd of the assasination of JFK being wore zebra sold for five dollars at the time wise on many pines and woodlands parkway. I have so much respect for mr Obama I am scared of what he represent. If things go well we can be happy , we regret loosing our presidents and he is alway welcome in Texas . You know I have zero'ed in on a lot of people, we taken down some of the most notorious.  Texas is not lawless! Let's take thoughts figures down to one percent.  God loves me !! Your in big trouble if go home. Stay my friends it's gonna be a grand finally!!!!I am sure there will be super duper relief when he gets off that podium!!!

Dn it all to hell and go there

Your jumping up and down on my bed with a shotgun telling me not to eat your people!' I was trying to go to go to sleep but you keeping sharing your night mares with me. You suck more  than you blowing,So when and if your bic is ever dick enough I imagine you'll suck it yourself .  Have a nice day! The penn has never been mightier than the sword, unless it's a hangrenade!!

Very crazy day bad boys cops

Wournos is trying to kill me man haters cradle robbers, officials putting a finger on them who in1968 plotted premeditated murdered my generations first president. Never trust the carnal flesh , Blackman won't leVe us alone  One day chicken ranch the next day concentration camp.
Put out a news paper about JFK at time wise grocery store on many pines and woodlands parkway.
I dont like it at all. 
It's important that they stop this game

Thoughts meant for a king

Today is Sunday, November 20 13 the second Sunday of the month and this is my choice to talk about a Christian subject Jesus was no Dumb man really before we knew what 7×70 was he knew what 7×7 0 was and education that was seemingly non existing planning system  for in the day of old we had no educational board. And in the beginning of education we were allowed to go to school but it was nonmandatory. But somewhere in the distant land was a man called Jesus.  And we know Jesus of Nazareth and we have also known about him own entire life.  When man here is the word of Jesus and his name we are all stand in his favor his name we stand for the one true true god who created us whether we believe it's a man or woman, or deity, we all seem to have an idea of what and who he is! In this amazing miraculous unbelievable and spectacular.  But when we converse about it we have differences in opinion's and opinions of this supreme being. This is what I believe America's United saying as n…