Friday, November 22, 2013

Fed raids on Colorado marijuana businesses seek ties to Colombian drug cartels Jeremy P. Meyer, Eric Gorski and John Ingold The Denver Post November 22, 1:43 PM 2 Jeremy P. Meyer, Eric Gorski and John Ingold The Denver Post

When your into something this big as in marijuana industry or usually indicated hidden deeper truths. 
As in a crime or crimes of robbery of hideous abuses or murders or tortures. 

Please do not forget the underground tunnels and I am assured you will find what you have been missing . Keep up the good work my friends I love you!!! Good work!!!

Spectrums of lights

Spectrum of light has been the inspiration of my life for a very long time , how a diamond sparkles , golden glitter , silver twinkles , stars light our paths as the moon guides us. All that sparkles is not gold !! My mother said. 
I began to hear about the Ora that surrounds a person that makes them tangible and palatable. What happens to the light within our souls god has given us?? That's makes us who we are an interpretation of life and living . 
As we thumb through the pages of the beginning of time of our far away land and home, where it all began Europe England France Israel and so many more places we call home. The holy bible. 
The garden of Eden and a man and a woman who in the garden partook of the tree of good and evil this was eyes opened and they did see ...what light hath we that we shall not see it shall be called transparency , but when our eye were open we began to see another color spirits of gods creation and made flesh. 
This light we bare in our souls we reflect upon and bare witness to its creation.
The serpent did not lie and he bore the fruit of which we called sin. Though the serpent himself was dark and crafty. 

So as the pages turned we read and hear about a more horrible sin some reflect with great emotion , when Cain slew able . 
Might be referred to as the first of its kind ever recorded.
The light on any good drama dimmed so that Cain could not even recon with the rage and jealousy inside, for the favor of his beloved father. 
These lights can only be imagined as being likened unto the creation of man and they turned scarlet and red.
My first color in darkness. When you've been inthe closet for a very long time the doors open and red is the first Color you may see. These lights are of purples and reds and blues greys and. Browns and blacks. When you look at the light from a darkened room.
As the story unfolded god made Cain leave his father and mothers concubines and god spoke and warned not to kill Cain and he met apart from his family a woman of dark decent . The very first mentioned probably as we know them as being perhaps black or dark brown.

In this it seemed the light was diminishing in cains life. Without the light many are consider blind.
Wanting his fathers adoration was not so bad in itself but perhaps encoupled with the death of his son was there another expression of emotion and that expression was deep grief and anger!! Which was given was another color from the spectrum of light anger as in black grief has a color too more of grey and blue. 
Meditating further on the emotion if man light now consider water and the birth of Adam and eves as we think on These things it interested me of the thing we called emotion was more like Hues of light. And as the soul of man experiences internal conflict with emotion I found a token that with word it twist and turns and flps .to somesayrefer to as records it's first talents with jubal , and music is also a light of the soul  . Which we hardy enjoy these days. Some might ask can a man die from a broken heart??
But it's not happiness that Adam and Eve felt when able was slain . Imagine the devistation of his father and god above. Try to imagine what the blood shed of able had done. And then also take I to account that now Cain was no longer walking in the light or the grace of god but as a man worthy of death himself.perhaps lucifer had really tied himself in knots trying to perverse the ways of god.
Cunning and crafty he is virtually undefeatable to those who do not know the fall of satan from hierarchy and gods kingdom. Cain was in it before he knew it .now think Cain modern day Delilah cocaine and you see again light that I shine is so you can see the truth but not always will you agree, Cain and cocaine is murder no matter how you look at it and original sins, of columbia and Africa and other parts of the world, a crop that should be banished from this day and age. And archived in Egyptian tombs.
No more cultivation. 
Are we able lord? To put away childish things?? Let's mature in The Lord let him lead life. Let our laws stand for the people. People stand up for the law.if we are all in one accord then we should work together for the common good of mankind. 
Have brotherly love and honour your mothers and fathers and love thy neighbor as thyself.
Now god knows the heart of an very well, and isn't it fair to say that man also knows the heart of man, today he is doing transplant surgeries. Man is walking in gods likeness and know gods mind, but humanity is far from being god man is perversed and wicked and will falter from his grace everytime, and if you offered him a right to change his ways he would always walk away from god. 
Mankind has portrayed god as beast and other images of worship mch like Baal in the bible and the golden calf. Though these images are graphic and distortion a of the truth.he then tries to recollect and uses other images this time one of a child . So you will understand the perfection in his perversions. Don't try to understand don't perfect his crafts nstead keep to your own paths and walk with god and rememberance of god the perfect one and trust me god has hope for tomorrow god has a mind to do what no man without him can do. 
Youse think its impossible you would loose hope I know you would , but. In your darkest god will be there even when you don't think he is.
The devil May point his crooked finger but he would be satisfied with yourDNA under his nail rather than put you through more hell.
He is being comfyely satisfied.

Mr what would you do if all this was yours??

The problem whether they like it or not is clear and precise, you cannot even talk about the without the writting of a common comment, usually about prediduces .i took it as a warning sign of big red flashing lights . Talking about minority races. 
First of all when posed with this problem they have some togetherness that makes them all equal. Equal as in accomplished as in accessories to the problem. No one is ever clear on loyalty to the problem. Some may be more like hiding thier genuine devotion and display this when it comes to participation which is mistaken for indifference. That is a clear indication of immaturity, on the subject, or in the physical condition of its militia.which exposed them in that weakness and Who by the way has learned to strike back at the oppressors with likeness and fear. That it is a throne of his bequeaved ancestors. Which is an excuse to continue whatever quest his needs require. 
Now this weakness has become a pedestal of which he prediduces findings and his tools of which he manipulates his pupils. 
These finding and people have been preselected that have little or no regards to territorial disputes or racial disputes . 
Since truth and sincerity go hand in hand
He's more or less washed out .
His manipulation are superseded with imposing Buses himself onto others, but since he has no abused he needs skill.
Skill to migrate into territory that does not belong to him. 
Therefore the opposing moved to take his bar and his church for ground and territorial benefits.
We call it a package deal.
Because these who your dispute is with has much more prominence that you or I
And that nothing comes free unless we all pay and we do all pay! 
I've met up with some very nasty business men and I am old enough to know that this transaction is a special package because it's like selling to you something ordinarily price less.
But it doesn't break its deal.
Offered but it's unlawful and thirdly so is prostitution.
The moral of the story is either way you had the whole world given to you , squandered and lost your frothy crown, everyone does not value it's illegal tender.when you loose value and the right to buy and at discount prices , you become useless to the company.
Point is that's what happens to the best of us and to the rest of us we loose position in life. Your ill temper finished the war but you lost the fight.
So now your throne is sitting behind a 8 foot cyclone fence topped with razored barbed wire.
I have never heard a man cry so hard in all my life!!!
When the nurse walked in and handed him his brand new baby boy.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

New fresh ideas by the wind

These are the causes I might support ,
Children born in disaster and crisis, to healthy parents education development on specialty subjects supporting the local Texas government. Crisis protection units, and slow learning programs. 

Children  abandoned in Texas, protection and intergration, forever home program.

Reintegration of migrating families to foriene countries, health care general welfare.

Territorial subsidies for long standing citizens of Texas, elders, and their families with confederate homes.

Wards of the court protection and witness program.

Disabled children of USA veteran policies, health care ,&  general welfare.

Protection unit for qualifying organ donors of USA prison policies, and death warrent provisions  , amnesty rehabilitation freedom act.

Mentally handicapped constraint policy, lifetime probation for information act and money exchange. 

Commerce building , trade embargo, and foriene currency exchange.

Loading dock on ship channel for import export. Supporting  commerce building. 

Sergeant of arms building for relinquishment and storage of arms during peace time.

I want to see three leaders behind presidents consisting of the top three majority races, such as native Indian blacks and oriental.

Basic rough drafting of idealogy of USA .
By the wind. 2013

Great minds think alike!!!

Great minds think  alike 

Thy will be done!!

Truly there is something wrong and has been for a very long time , everyone would point fingers at a certIn group of people and did not know why?? That they had no qualms with but in an instant turned and believe in a story that was half cocked for a day in the life of a certain individuals.
Would even wage whole wars to ensure its delivery, from dream to reality and silent lucidity.
Peace is the goal one thousand years not wars but who knew that it could not exist hand in hand with so much turmoil hatred and anger. 
That happiness would loose its lasticity and break off at the quick of mankinds psyche??
Set his whole life on edge, forcing them 
Into wars and drafted into anger even all the more.
Capitalizing on self inflicted wounds were all a part of it all.
Not because it was pleasure able but because human frailty would win the wars against the enemy, god said when the flesh is weak god is strong, 
Even lucifer knows this for when lucifer struck job down he knew his perversion would capitalize other aspects of his evil realm. 
The evilness of this cannot be overlooked,
Man must face his eternal torture and either endure it or go with it.
But never more will you at such horrors and say there is no god!!!
For if the world has created such atrocities and monsters then certainly there would be another side of the coin.
Definitely several coins would look like a monster if it were a cow, 
I tell you that we we're hit by this atrocious monster and we sustained the blow.
Now we may appear to have three eyes and two heads but this is the sin and we must learn not to kill even if we have to endure the pain of seeing and knowing. 
Revelations spoke on it about this being as a double vision of man.
God multiied all his flock but something has gone wrong. We had to believe it and had to see it for ourselves as doubting thomases that we are. 
Isn't that indicate a new dawn a new day in the begining of mankind.
Or is just another waste of previous resources .

Monday, November 18, 2013

Word up lord!!!

If that marriage between you and mr so so did not look bigamist and the courts would not recognize it but when charged with bigamy then stole from our entire family and encouraged others to do the same by ignorance of the laws which we brought forth claim then I would cash in all my chips and leave this place to sodium and gommorah of which they worship!! Might even throw in a cow for good luck!! Go ahead worship baals if you want leave me alone. Word up lord!!! 

The sum of it all!!

You know a man and his word especially a Texan of the USA is something that irreproachable and has always been taken as the words of truth. A man of Texas destitute and in such extreme pressure would bend his word to accommodate for arbitration that were more than difficult to arbitrate such as a gun being held to thier heads or robbery. This can be forgiven and overlooked. 

Women on  The other hand can be too forgiven and love too much asn such as her father.

This law extended itself to a foriene policy that went far into the depth of Mexico. 

This trade embargo was stopped because of the nature of this trade and because it was of illegal tender .and rightly so. But no one of that country adhered to the frailty on which the trade was made. It illegAl tender was admired and honored even so and part of that agreement wAs honored regardless . The potion to which was not honored was where it breeched the laws of Texas and where the war on drugs broke out.
We as texans did not honor a war on drugs because we were still trying to get our people free from being political prisoners in the camps and jails in Mexico . We the people did not ignore but the state of Texas may have out of ignorance of the problem at hand.
The people Ido not ignore the state of Texas , no rather found an army rising up against us. Stemming from other states as well. 
To this day is equilvelent to 729 horses
A set of crossing flint rifles and two bayonette's!!
But I can't count past fifty two!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It never last very long piss and vinegar seven years and alternatives seemed to start surfacing!!!

My karate teacher said, I'll teach you!!
And the first lesson is to not be so responsive when people try to intimidate you, avoid a fight when and where ever you can. 
I was just a kid , btw he was supposedly a master of this art and I was scared so I borrowed his reputation and lied a little ...
I already had the reputation of being very hotheaded . As in red hair ??? 

Omg !! I was taught to work numb chucks, and then I was put into a facility.

I am nothing but a nut?? They said. 
He said, you know? That reputation of yours might get you everywhere in life!!

But soon enough your going to have to face the truth !!

And get a life!!!!

Omg dude I didn't know that about you, 
No wonder they shot that guy??

You disrespected both your parents after you got yellow belt in taekwondo ? Couldn't you control yourself? 

Is that a bunch of shit??

Well ? Now what?

Ms wournos went to the doctor and said;

Doctor I have the blues the doctor was stoned, and after long deliberAtion said," he said no I think your cured!
Cause there were no's and there were yes's !!!
Officers of the law judges of the courts and jurors ,

Sir we recognize this post partum
 Psychosis to be a major illness, affecting many women in Texas, we are sincerely concerned with why this happens to someone who lives and loves people? And how it can fall so far from grace and be taken out of context to the point where a woman kills her own child or other being?? 
Where did we go wrong???
Sir this is not an open admission to guilt.
This is the problem!!!
Sincerely Tannie .

Hello Texas!!

This ain't coon ass!!! Better put your crack back n yo pants!!! And hightail out of here Johnny law is right around the corner!!!!!

Vote no anise Parker!!!

You know what I mean!!!! 
If you take someone's right to vote you must take thier opinion and their vote. Pro or con everyone must vote the ballot is one vote and it must reflect majority rules... Your vote may be considered a majority vote and not be withstanding the mAjority but may sway the polls by fraction not more that by the percentage of voters .

As it rolls out I am checking in!!!

Here is an interesting delema involving real estate an property value . Only territorial aspect prove enough motive to kill or Maine it's  the victims . 
Proving it would not be hard to if it had not been such a malicious threat to every one. In the interest of Steve head resident and tenant of a well known project. Mr Steve head was very ill but he was a known aquaintenance and if he had indeed had a debilitating illness referencing syphillus below would have been cause or demeaneal death and the leashing out of the desease by issue and way of blood. Besides death being depreciating valuable real estate it also created a feed and possible source for more genocide with in Texas boundaries . 

No one took any particular interest in this suicide by cop incident. 

So now we have an insane maintenance man trying to sue the government.

No one want to work for the company because of its upheaval of crime death and hideout for evil people, thier inability to assume thier own debts. Thier constant stealing of hospitality . 

Similar to playing a game or song melancholy baby!!! I hurt therefore you fix my whatever I want!!!

Slavery was abolished but why are the South Americans paying the price for this misfortune???

More later???

Become one with me in this Brady bill?? Rhetorical ?? He'll yes it is!!

Great Seal of the United States.
Long titleBrady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
Enacted by the 103rd United States Congress
EffectiveFebruary 28, 1994
Public Law103-159
Stat.107 Stat. 1536
Title(s) amended18
U.S.C. sections created921-922
Legislative history
  • Introduced in the House of Representatives as H.R.1025 by Rep.Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) on February 22, 1993
  • Passed the House of Representatives on November 10, 1993 (238 - 189)
  • Passed the Senate on November 20, 1993 (63-36)
  • Reported by the joint conference committee on November 22, 1993; agreed to by the House of Representatives onNovember 23, 1993 (238 - 187) and by the Senate on November 24, 1993 (passed by voice vote)
  • Signed into law by President Bill Clintonon November 30, 1993

The ole devil dipped himself in a cool pool of fresh blood and took a refreshing sip of the fountain of youth.

Tried to. Back to it after Kennedy's assasination when he attacked and shot president bush. 

Therefore that Brady bill is n full effect, but there are people trying to work around that law becoming judge and juror of retired veterans and stealing thier state issues .pawning them and reselling the tickets. 

Holding hostages that will further thier efforts and breaking down resistance of upholding laws, tearing whole houses down.

You know the rules , be one with me against gun violence acts.

Well here is a video that says, not just Mexico Border is effected by immigration laws but check points

If you are a USA citizen you might find comfort in knowing our law enforcement is hard at work but instead you become defensive about coming...