Saturday, November 30, 2013

Keeping it real people!!

Tell me when has anyone who ever was traumatized terrorized victimized ever sounded sane or rational when things seem so uncertain , all I had to do was think the words and it was heard as being like minority report as in the movie. My mind is totally koo koo but it has been all too coincidental. It is unbelievable that people can be linked together in such a way . Minds controlled by outside sources against the will of man. 
The rebel mind a horrid scream would be something terrorist would find valuable. 
Scientist all agree the is a lack of definition for this phenomenon . Just as wind talkers of the military would be so confidential that only they could save this life in peril. But would they at the cost of loosing everything they had?? It's kinda hard to fathom and predict leaving it all to chance perhaps in the hands of the mad scientist we have enabled in USA society . We really must take a closer look!
I am moving on people if only in my mind!! Too damn many stoners these days!! Keep it real people!!

Three doctors that I feared most