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Loosing the ghost

That short stop out,  And let's go immediately into hotbox till he comes out house. He's nothing but skins (skinheads property) since he was one month old they don't come any younger (ain't that a pervy). Tell me they ain't cannibalistic and tired of messing around with these stupidities. It pisses him off so bad he about to receive his first lesson in "the warriors for Christ!!" Cause he cannot win any other way!!!
You know that the obvious sign, that you give this mantheopportunity to move and he will turn and walk away from the very thing that saved his life just like jezebel, to his own detriment... If there is anything good left in mankind today let it speak to your heart. Hallowed inside.. There is little to no meet, or meat. What is going to curve this mans thirst for blood if you killed his sons?? ( oh I am sure you think that you can stop a man like that?? Yep!) That's where it is at!! Fierce enemies bla Za  might as well take your mind out and play …

Mo co ain't a bunch of shit!! Neither is the uss mo!

As Long as you want to stay is fine by me or with us, but want ya to know as long as you are here we can't get anything done, you sloes slow people down and make them drag , They don't want to do anything ... Don't be crossing state lines or you'll be so sorry ...this town has jurisprudence over several state lines .they can't help criminals or people who neglect the safety and well being of others just so the can go break the laws. And this ain't a bunch of shit!!

Colorado use soapy water?

Earth cannot be cleaned??
Fire and ash washed down activated charcoal, chlorella, kelp, minerals,  Sulphur, lime, magnesium.
Green grass? Clorox, liquid dawn,
Need more oxygen and bad fires try soapy water.
Boiling water, head of match, petroleum jelly, bandages, tincture of iodine.

Here's to the new you!!


Nasty little rumors in town!!!

It was a complaint made by the drug dealers about the new snitch in town, her mother told her no matter what always leave something behind at a scene of a crime so the police know that you were there, and can find you so she was down to her last article of clothing after a game of strip poker and being dosed with meth involuntarily so she politely excused herself and went to the restroom and left one turd in the toilet, the dealer said how crude is that ?? I should not have trusted her wouldn't ya know it??
The police were like the princess and the pea. ?? And fido hit on it like a bit-- in heat,
It was sufficient then and it's still sufficient enough to this day!
 No sh-- !!
"Her defence was I thought I had ran across Charlie Manson himself and was trying to play it kewl , I had no idea that this was the last time I would ever see my mother alive , and  she said she thought she was gonna die right there on the spot." 
The world as it was was not anything that she thought…

Favs and raves photos

At any given point in my blog to last cavaliers the main issues are concerning law syndicate and the legality of and the protests going on there in high profile.
Characters and faces and interpretation of characters that express emotion and hard work.  Including favorite photos and people. 
Here is a photo of the week Colorado's finest!! During a second amendment issue.

Lawsuit picketing New York bla Za effects

Take no less than 11.25 an hour 
You're take home will be roughly 15,448.00 after taxes and FICA 
Insurance Medicare blue cross blue shield. 
If there is any left by the time you retire.
Company insurance policies are rare considered fringe benefits but employers pay workmanship compensation regardless . 
The demand on franchises is going through the roof.  Mc Donald's the number one problem !
Go back home to the slaughter house if you really want to make a difference If your just making trouble it will go unappreciated I am sure.
Housing projects should consider selling individually to caring responsible people .  Minimize HUD expenditures and frivolous spending.  Match dollar for dollar and bow out gracefully!! Overall levelized rent appropriations no one turned away because of poverty in Colorado during winter months but may be sought after for any property damages, or because of non-seeking appropriations for responsibilities to oneself and breech of the law to due compensation for goo…

Oh yeah New York??

Sister Theresa , ???
Don't New York me ? You already know!! Cropsey  ??
Move another way !!  Such as out??
Then what would you do if New York stopped HUD subsidies for disabled and handicapped living?


If the dwi arrest continue to drop the county will be able to focus more on accidents and insurance policies that give assistance to victims of that similar circumstances and health care. 
Dwi's should be limited on health care disability claims as diagnoses roll out of the doctors office.  Policy's should be reprimanded for and pay some for the increasing numbers of disabled in for future patients who were injured past or present in drunk drivers dwi accidents.  Dwi drivers should have to pay their victims insurance policies premiums , while victims are disabled.

Without even knowing her

After long thought and concentration on subjects if Connelly wants to remain without persuasion either for or against her , has proven to do this job with exceptional value and control over the seat and has done so competently for 26 years Richard gammon should respect that and withdrawal. If the people are confident and pleased in  justice and fair judgement. 

Now you may be able to get the help you need!

Colorado-Ian's  you bit off more than you can chew!! Don't choke on that smoke!!

Are you pre genetically dispositioned by your parents actions or addiction to alcohol or street drugs or pharmaceuticals such as Ritalin or hydrocodone. Marijuana?? Are you addicted ?? Because of accidents physical impairments due to surgeries  and excessive use of pain medications? Have you been a slave to the increasing marijuana issue in Colorado ? And burdened by its popularity?? Please reach out to us !! Here is the new deal and the way to get out of this crippling industry.
Make up your mind to put this trouble behind you nOw!!
This is the new movement and the new age!!! THE MILLENIUM!! Solid as a rock!!
I pray for you every day!!
Call this number Substance abuse intake 1 713 578 3100
Rehabilitation for physical impairments
1 800 447 3422 
Let's get this show on the road and let get it on!!!
Are You ready?? For this???

A secret about nice

People who have good control over their tempers and follows the laws are rewarded with nice laughter.
We all have a tendency to think that we are perfect little angels but when your tempted like Jesus was up in the mountains,  knowing him as the son of man and knowing how he detested evil and lucifer I aginevit was very difficult for him to hold back from throwing himself over a cliff of maybe lashing out at lucifer who seemingly was almost brother like because of gods fondness for the arche angel,  That fasting was a way to make himself weak  and people always have a tendency to perceive it as a feat not know by man kind himself.  That whiles of the flesh are extremely hard to control from within, it was for Jesus and it is so for man too. So we all know the feeling anger we feel it more deeply than anyone who has not felt it can envision. Such as "why" have you done this to me? "Why" did you do this to the ones I love??
Well I have to look at what has been done and it…

Who would you blame for natural disasters??

If it were not for God, we could not have a mind like God. 
Having a Christ like mind now is not so bad.
We all are too high minded to accept responsibility when we are all really to blame.
Having a Christ like body is not too bad,  We are all so conceded and self centered anyway.
Don't die of a noble death, or doing honour able things anymore, die because you are a living sacrifice and it's the most rewarding fulfillment of the word that giving can offer, and god would find you acceptable and worthy to bare such chalice .

The upside and down side of mental illness and pharmaceuticals based on profiles and companies that endorse pharmaceuticals

For the use and treatment of severely disabled and handicapped profiles . Facts based on the stigmata subject information gathered relative and non relative non case studies and no trials, test subjects. Comparative cross examinations of how pharmaceuticals work on region of the brain.A thirty one year personal recollection and notation of progresses and failures of the mental health succession.Written by ; ms t Jo Gwin - dykema2013/ November Let's start with astra Zeneca and doctor Conrad Murray , the Michael Jackson case.Propofol vs Seroquel tablets and Seroquel XL prolonged-release tablets both contain the active ingredient quetiapine, which is a type of medicine known as an atypical antipsychotic. Quetiapine is also available without a brand name, ie as the generic medicine.Quetiapine works in the brain, where it affects various neurotransmitters, in particular serotonin (5HT) and dopamine. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are stored in nerve cells and are involved in tran…