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Here is a genuinely good idea

Call it TT slapper  homemade for potty trAining you mans best friend out of blue suede leAther... Just right !! Super nice!! Not too hard it will sting a bit,  Perfect for dominant matrix,  Perfect self defense !!
No one was harmed while making this journal entry!!
Don't you just love it!!

The new vegan antibiotic on the shelf without prescription

Pleo OKU (Okoubasan)Pleo ORYZAE (Oryzae)Pleo PEF (Pefrakehl)Pleo PIN (Pinikehl)Pleo POLY (Polysan)Pleo QUENT (Quentakehl)Pleo REB (Rebas)Pleo REC (Recarcin)Pleo RELIVORA (Relivora)Pleo RUB (Ruberkehl)Pleo SAN (Sanukehl)Pleo SAN ACNE (Sanukehl Acne)Pleo SAN BRUCEL (Sanukehl Brucel)Pleo SAN CAND (Sanukehl Cand)Pleo SAN COLI (Sanukehl Coli)Pleo SAN KLEBS (Sanukehl Klebs)Pleo SAN MYC (Sanukehl Myc)Pleo SAN PROT (Sanukehl Prot)Pleo SAN PSEU (Sanukehl Pseu)Pleo SAN SALM (Sanukehl Salm)Pleo SAN SERRA (Sanukehl Serra)Pleo SAN STAPH (Sanukehl Staph)Pleo SAN STREP (Sanukehl Strep)Pleo SAN TRICH (Sanukehl Trich)

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The new vegan antibiotic
Look at all the various recipes and such look at the availability .
Without a prescription Resident of Mo. Co. since 1989 Original Texan  Strake Lake, 

Pleo SAN GER (Sanumgerman)Pleo SANCOM (Sankombi/Sancombi)Pleo SANUVIS (Sanuvis)Pleo SELENE (Selenokehl)Pleo SPERM…

Rebel and redskin

What do you think  When you hear the word rebel??
Do you think of the south do you think of confederacy? 
It is my best guess that rebel was associated with both of the above, it did not belong to a minority race it belonged in a confer rate war between the north and the south it belonged to a region a brigade.
As Yankee would refer to boston tea party and New York or Britain . 
Blue being the color of rebel and red being the color of the Great Britain . 
Redskins refered to a derogatory reference but also to North American Indians as pale face refered to white man. It was not derogatory untill people began to discriminate oneself from another and the German world war when geneticist became so about the white race and creation of a perfection in human characteristics and did not become so prominant in the USA until the end of Vietnam war. Based in the generations of poor people of the sixties . Who because of war and poverty was forced to intermingle and abide together. Racial prejudices were…

Making jewelry and cute little things for Xmas

Talking feathers were used by tribal council to chiefs to distinguish between the one with power to talk in meetings Used the same model to make the second one, 

Found these feathers myself they are hawk feathers.