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Kidnappings unsolved riddles twist out of control

DNA test shows 1964 kidnapping never solved Facebook

Jefferson Davis hospital

This page has some issuesBen Taub (1889–1982), philanthropist and medical benefactor, fourth child of Jacob Nathan Taub, was born in 1889 in Houston(TexasUSA). He was Jewish. [1]His father immigrated from Hungary to the United States in 1882 and became a tobacco wholesaler. Taub grew up in Houston, where he attended Welch Preparatory School. During World War I, he was a captain and served in France. He returned to Texas and expanded the family business, later becoming a real estate developer. At one time he served on the boards of directors of twenty-three institutions, including an investment firm, two banks, an insurance company, and four universities.In 1936, Ben Taub donated thirty-five acres to establish a permanent campus for theUniversity of Houston. In 1943, he was instrumental in encouraging Baylor College of Medicine to move to the Texas Medical Center in Houston. As chairman of the board of Jefferson Davis Hospital, he and Michael E. DeBakey made Jefferson Davis Hospital …
On Iran:Obama is urging Congress to resist new sanctions against Iran because current agreements have a good chance to rein in that country's nuclear ambitions.Obama told reporters Friday that Iran has agreed to actions that will let other nations determine whether it is trying to weaponize nuclear materials. Iran says the materials are for peaceful uses only.The president said he would support tougher sanctions later if Iran violates the agreement.He said it's politically popular for some lawmakers to look tough against Iran. Obama urged Congress to hold off and give current diplomacy a chance to work.Israel says the current agreements are too lenient with Iran.-from gazette  , Personally I have a tendency to agree with Israel . **************This portion below is a copy of an arrival found on Texas state historical society. I copied it because of coincidences  with my life currently. Being sc and the name Sumter.  Brothers Emzy and G.M. Taylor, C.S.A.Lawrence T. Jones III Tex…

Mighty man wishbone

You are the ladies choice!!  Just right!! I only hang with best !!! And she is the best!!

Quite frankly nobody sees things quite like I do!! But from this perspective it's seems all too clear,  Why stick your head in the sand when any ole burlap bag will do??? You gotta have balls the size of Texas to be mighty man wishbone,  To come out of the closet and sit there with a burlap bag on your head .  Truthfully I only represent how far we've come from the truth of the matter.  Boys this is some kinda spell were under and it will go awsy soon enough.  Keep hangin in there .  Wish ya luck! I came from a food pantry and what kind of closet are you in??

Two talking feathers

Crossing making a mobile to suspend over baby crib, I'm a grandma four times a newborn in 2013

Mighty man wishbone from TT