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Who is she?? There is no excuse for this!

A 57-year-old woman accused of murdering her mother Saturday was found standing on the side of North Curtis Road with blood stains on her feet and wearing only a long-sleeve T-shirt, also with blood on it, according to an arrest affidavit in the case.Comments:
Do not sware them in,  if you sware them in they will never understand anything. 
Your looking to something that you cannot understand. 
There is a curse on you!! Come see me.

Dawg wants to commit suicide

They are talking about suspension already.

Don't look too hot to me!!!

You got one life to live and it's not easy life but remember these faces ?What kind of person smokes marijuana??
People who need a great physician.
Get out sometime run around the corner loose all your money and then lost her life. 
Shrapnel in her neck surgery to remove it  brought a pump a morph one pump and overdosed at home. 
Money talks this has got to go!

The jones have personal vendettas wants to finish their job!

They have been totally evil towards us and we cannot reciprocate and we cannot rid ourselves of these demons. Because they thrive and were merely alive, they live double lives and we have none.  We are innocent until proven guilty. That does not mean we will not be used as chattel to right a wrong. In a court of justice. Being disabled is a job!! That are ill equipped, not qualified to do. Social security is not a pay check .  There is no Hippocratic oath that they can be held to and there is no gag order?? One where you cannot talk and if that we're no so I said its cruel and unusual punishment. Capitol punishment. 
That's the problem were facing today.

Except from another website hope has not run out! For ms Tannie

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Illegal dumping!!

No one can hold him to a Hippocratic oath so it makes your hippa and OCR invalid and worthless , take my advice, trust me ! Your history don't mean shit!!And if they want to kill you ain't no one can stop them.  Except smith and Wesson !thats how it came down before and it come down that way because your very stubborn but you not right, and justice is not today!!
We don't appreciate your  illegal dumping on our land.

H1n1 too many are dying health official AMA get stuck

A Houston teenager has died of the H1N1 flu virus. Health officials aren't divulging much in the way of details but they are sounding the alarm. 

"Well people should be concerned  because influenza is a preventable illness. It's a miserable illness. Most people will do just fine and recover in a bout a week but some people  could go on and develop a very serious illness," said Kathy Barton with the City of Houston's Department of Health and Human Services.  Or as in this sad case, die. 

As a matter of fact thirty thousand people will die of influenza in this country this year and the strain that is showing up the most in labs this year is the H1N1. 

Houston now has its first death.  Harris County has had three deaths. Montgomery County has four suspected  and Jefferson County has had two cases but no deaths. 

The flu season has been bad this year and especially bad in Texas.

According to the Centers for  Disease Control it is widespread. But it has tapered off over th…