Bi racial mulatto and rebel cross overs

Some call them mulatto would be discriminating, but here's the problem there are mulattos who for all purposes have been black went to mulatto and then crossed back over the white and are black again.
These individuals are called rebel cross overs.
Forming perfect cross roads in unknown areas gaps filled with them. Not nice people though. 
This happens to be as with natives of USA Indians and Mayans some of the most vicious people in the world because they we're conceived by rape and incest and other areas of violence. 

In some circles biracial couples and child bearing is acceptable such as in northern states.
They are not prejudice they are territorial.
What do they do with the bodies that are nameless? Or as the above?
They bury them at the cross roads and where are the cross roads ?
There are many but one popular one is the old Jefferson Davis cemetary. 
Contains murder victims and human remains of suicide victims murderers and in general low life's .
Might also be a dump site for missing and deceased victims . 

Sometimes things go unreported in certain circles, especially if it contains a fair amount of hush money.


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