Comment :I don't want to be Jesus ! I don't wants even stand in the same room with him! Know what I mean??

In some senses of the word, the bible seemed a little before it's time. 
No one looked at the intelligence factor of being pre dated, in an era that was pre historic. 
It is hard to perceive what mankind would fascinate himself with if he were left in an age where loneliness fed into the need to acquire intelligence, or how intelligent anyone could be if certain pre cursors were not present to distract from the ability to retain information. The mind becomes a friendly place that absorbs and wraps it's way around the whole ideology of the book, and perhaps that's why it is the number one selling book in USA and quickly other foriene countries. 
Though do not be misled into thinking that mankind possessed the kind of intelligence that the historical hero's in this book possessed, for it almost seems as if it were two separate phases of creation and culling of the earth. One man cannot contain so much wisdom without preparations and homeostasis and heterostasis of complete perfection. 
This author must have been much more than a common man. It's weaves an intriguer of intriqetness into the depth that must have taken much concentration and thoughtfulness that all writers must utilize to model one selfs creativeness. To be such of a writer. 
I don't believe there ever was a greater story teller and hero. It's totally flusterating and still gratifying, appalling , and disgusting all rolled into one.
You love him you hate him and well you get the picture. 
Good ole devil says curses on anyone who cracks the cover of that book ever again after I finish reading it!!! I will never read it again it just too much to fathom twice in a lifetime. 
Funny thing is you gotta be sadiestic to want to celebrate the birth and the death all in one year over and over agAin every year he was born in December and died in April every year since then.
You are something else people you are not even close to being right!!
Yeah that brought a smile to my face for sure... We did all this in his name?? Well we are. Implement satisfied , which bringse to my conclusion which is !!

Love say... My name!!
Taen archaic angel , "thee and thou"


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