Most people do not fight the nightmares

Rather than be tormented by them they do exactly as the voices say to do (wake up)it takes years to unravel a psyche like that terrorist that women have had to deal with these days. It's psychological warfare. Between a woman and a man and if you've never had children or been married you might not have to go through it. 
See it's the grand plan that scares people what "if's " we do something to the contrary ? We did something about it but it never stopped or let's assume it would stop?? It's because the old bastard is still alive ( in us)when they die we are freed. Unfortunately in most cases it's a case of missing identity who done it kinda thing. (Who threw raw eggs at Janie's house or who wrapped ole papas tree) Then you have all the bastards thugs to deal with. (Answer the damn question) He's kinda built himself an army. He's not even USA American he is considered for all practical purposes dead.  Which made him even more lethal.(damn could you people do anything right) His days are numbered just like everyone else's. The last straw on the broom is organ transplants.(what if it were your heart they stole) It will eventually subside and he'll move his post. To try to re establish it in a more strategic place. Because he's a gypsy at heart. Which is his favorite transplant that of another gypsy. Preferably a man. Though he's being asked if he will accept a female organ instead. (A fucken joke huh) Obviously someone knows him better and knows his little greedy ways. Everyone is laughing secretly because miss TT is putting him In his place. Making him wake up with nightmares and cold sweats) He thinks his heart palpitations are a sign of health but once ms TT gets through with him he won't know what hit him.
The ole devil, and he will love it!!
He'll say awe I think I'll stay two more days, ms TT will find another way to make him leave. Cause their kick in it all 
Cuz that is true love! 
They do it every time . To many women!!
That bastardized lived through rverylast one of us because of your pity. When all you had to do was let the father raise his son and his mother love them. 
Feed your god damn bastards keep them off the streets, there is nothing that that abortion did not fix. That's why it still exist!!
And love is still a joking matter, and bigotry is milking it for all it's worth, why Waco was attacked. 
They culprit should have ate his words long time ago. Instead he stand erect and pisses all over everyone.
Some still believe it's better to be pissed on than pissed off!!


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