Big chief "bowel"

Big chief bowel wS sitting in his TP , a railroad engineer came to him in a premonition dream!

Railroad engineer said you must move big chief bowel, 

Big chief bowel woke up from his dream if a fit, bowel don't move .

Next day, a railroad engineer actually came to the TP and said "you must move chief big bowels.(put a railroad track to it)
Bg bowels got confused and was gonna go to a lawyer but went to the doctor instead, told the doctor "Bowels don' t move"! Doctor said take one of these pills and come back tomorrow.

Big chief "Bowel"went home to his TP.
And the railroad crew came over again!!
Telling Bowel To move, 
So "Bowel" went back to his Lawyer.
Told lawyer "bowel don't move", so the doctor gave him some more pills and told him to come back to if he had any more trouble.
Then Bowel went back to his TP. 

The following day "Bowel" moved his TP and went back to his lawyer and said, 

"Bowel" did you move"?

Bowel gotta move, TP full up with shit!!

[moral: one day run up hill take poopoo,
Next day; run up hill take gun powder,
Then sit in low lie with pit viper venom and wait, soon everything go boom!!]
That why poo poo like this!!

I'm sorry OK

What do now??


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