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Don't go fishing !! Montgomery County moccasins !

I know what you would do to a poor helpless man , you would take his fish and eat it all by yourself while your mother stood on the bank and fought off all the water moccasins. Never mind the 
Hook you lodged in your own fathers heart. Do you mind ? Stop smacking your lips at me!!

Lol dad them snakes caused us to warp the barrel of that gun and when tony showed up with it and pointed it loaded  at my head it was a narrow miss. Ps I was pregnant 16 weeks with your first grandson! Thank you lord thank you dad for shooting all them water moccasins out at strake lake. 
My sons dad also reciprocated on me by throwing kitchen tiles at my belly. 
Surely they are the ones that should go without supper. Though now I understand the real meaning behind the saying, "he would have been dead along time ago but the devil wouldn't have him!!" He just too damn mean to dye."
Thing is if he said don't go fishing, you better not go fishing.
He said,
"Is there nothing that you did not cover",
No sir, I'll go to the stocked pond instead.
I will never go there again!!
Old man? I just liked you!!
And I just liked you again!!!
And again over and over in my head !
The birth was a success and a very special reason why!! Here's why:

The History of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

The first woman in recorded history to survive a cesarean section, performed by her farmer husband in 1500, went on to have several more vaginal births. Even in the early 1900s a cesarean section was a radical surgery reserved for extreme obstetrical circumstances. The risks for women in terms of morbidity and mortality were substantial in that era. Though Dr. Cragin attended VBACs himself, he coined the famous saying, “once a cesarean, always a cesarean,” to emphasize that the first operation often led to subsequent dangerous surgeries. In Europe VBAC was the norm throughout the last century, while in the United States VBAC was almost unheard of until the 1950s. The trickle of VBACs increased until the early 1980s when several large studies confirmed the relative safety of VBAC. About the same time, Nancy Wainer Cohen and Lynn Baptisti Richards published their influential books (see references at the end of this article) about the ill effects that cesareans can have on women’s psyches and the joyful triumph that accompanies VBACs. The trickle of VBACs became a steady stream, to the point that obstetricians began attending meaningful numbers of VBACs in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Hospitals were equipped to handle cesarian and were researching VBAC

In mid eighties there was a second child born VBAC , but it was also complicated.

Born with ambilicle cord wrapped around his neck. Was also a success.

The reason why I say it was a success is that it was a "success" for the AMA.

Unfortunately even today the laymans way are yet so subtle and simple minded.

Their Not unintelligent, they just haven't found his niche yet.

Quandary of questions . Both are grown.


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