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For all you dawg lovers

The last I heard was the largest litter of pups was 18 weimerainers, which are regal dawgs. Cross bred black Labrador and grey hound .
     ****The largest litter of puppies is 24, all of whom were born on 29 November 2004 to Tia, a Neopolitan mastiff, owned by Damian Ward (UK) and Anne Kellegher (Ireland) of Manea, Cambridgeshire, UK.

They were born by Caesarian section, one was still born, three died in the first week. There were nine females, 15 males in total. Tia's full name is Abellatino Arabella. The father is called Caesar.***+*+

That's a lot of after births to consume.

But are you sure that the South American human traffickers are not part coyote? Because that is what they are called, and I heard that they are even shape shifters among them .

Myth or legend? 

If you can prove this there would be good money in it for you!

Now you've heard that some people have a certain kind of face that seems to be that kind of face that seems to be familiar or looks like a face of a few past friends you knew?

And in certain lights some things look like other things? Here is an example:

In this picture I see a child's face leaned back sleeping with a baseball cap and his mouth is slightly parted and he's resting peacefully in an upright with right hand drawn up in a  begging paw of a dawg , 

And he look bearded, or has a scarf on and on his right side of his face seems to have an ivy leaves white willow vine.

In this next picture I drew what I saw.

So here is what you was actually looking at in the first picture when I turned on the light. This is in the third picture.
This is factual!! Example of how I perceived shape shifting. 
 More details  later, on how this works in a criminal investigation on human trafficking and missing children.

In the fourth but last picture I tried to enhance and clarify the image.

Yeah so, the matamorez occult said they could out do em, it was a hell of a compitition going on...somewhere in South America , so they took the nucleus   Out of a chicken egg and used it in a white magic. So people discovered that it heals and matamorez got confused. Met a chicken farmer named nickels. So she bought the chickens for a solid nickel.
Now some thirty years later a string of forget me nots broke out flu h1n1 set that old world medicine on edge, everyone got the flu shot except me this year!! I'm walking to the park and found three of a clutch of five baby ducks under the hen dead, and two missing .
The saga thickens and draws attention .. 
I said Aha!! I figured it out , then I realized I was standing on the would be property of a chicken ranch in Texas !! Cuz there was only one male duck running off all the female fucks and wouldn't let them have their cracked corn. 
That's how the bg male duck got his name.
"Now Aha! If you don't stop it" were all gonna be in trouble!! 
I realized them ducks were talking and I fainted , little Frankie dawg woke me up licking me in the face.
See I told you that's what happens, I had complete medulla oblongata failure.
The end:
Went to hospital ER got some antibiotics and ce home.
Na shut the hell up we can't breath.


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