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Freddie pendergras "till the last tear drop falls, Por favor!

People of the United States of America I'm deeply moved by a death of Hoffman today Hoffman was a imaginary childhood friend of mine today but in my past I used to play with the boy it was like Mr. Hoffman which put me on trail where I am at this moment I am very deeply moved by his death. Some people do not appreciate these things in life that I depleted such as the Cottontop generation but it was the word Truman that really struck me today and I began to read about Harriet S Truman , are 33rd president of the United States. 
Taking a look at history and the step back in time this area in Texas used to be considered south as in southern as in Alabama as in Missouri as in Louisiana and Texas we are the southern eastern part of the United States and a Bible Belt comes through here. By people think that Jesus and freedom is not alive in a lot of these people in this world particularly in the south oh what a revolution we have going on when we start having revivals. I testimonies go to the farthest points of the world which story eyes and beating the hearts we ring out liberty so everyone knows that we are indeed free and alive!! And we are creating a brotherhood and sisterhood of man like you never seen before. We will go down kicking and screaming and beating the earth before We would hurt one another. And we so much love Truman Capote Mr. Harold Hoffman and  Harriet S Truman.
Eyes of Texas will you pay some attention to your New York City today?
Photograph of the Berlin Walltaken from the West side. The Wall was built in 1961 to prevent East Germans from fleeing Communism and to stop an economically disastrous drain of workers. It was an iconic symbol of the Cold War and its fall in 1989 marked the approaching end of the War.
You are alive because we believe in you!!
you are dead because we detested you!!

There is a saint in the world today because we fight for the truth the way the life and the liberty of all mankind!!! 
And we believe in the one true god our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name come home me true man!! Come home!! We don't have to rebel against our mothers, we don't have to rebel against our fathers, but we must fight for our own freedoms and liberties.
These liberties you take may they lead you home today!!
Break our chains we will set you free!!
Build an power that is unstoppable and free for all to utilize these changed men who walk the face of our greatest grand mother in all the world.. Mother Earth. Feel the rock of ages!! I am so far removed from this place already killing me will do you no good.
NASA we salute you!!
God we praise You!
Motherweadore you!
God bless America!!!
Land of the free home of the brave!!
Love you tenderly 
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