I'll tell you like I told him

Listen everyone has enemies , and sometimes in this widowed life, things come at a person in all sorts of
 ways, out and out toughest love lump we ever to swallow. But yeah we ain't the ugly ducklings you think? Sometimes storming out the door is almost as bad as walking in. 
Playing the game is hard.
Reality is totally freaky!
No one really thinks about the possibilities, 
It is true . 
There was no controls , there was too much control, there were words and a loss of words.

Death does not have to be the end !!it can be a new beginning.

Someone says only the strong survive, and only the good die young. 

Can you be a judge? Have to deal with what you have served all your life.

A true judge is not vindictive but we must admit we are all human and to err is to human.

This is what purgatory represents. 

Don't hire anyone to do a job that you can do yourself

If every one is leaving shouldn't you too?

Your test is over.


Rest in pick


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