The wiccans wife

She very competitive, 

in a field of work, that is going to hurt someone that I love. I cannot compete, and she can be in two places at the same time alive but I cannot and You cannot live through your son in the same flesh without killing him, though your father can.this is the wind!! Of the Wicca witch of white magic, 
But jealousy turns white magic Into something much worse. 
His attempt to dethrone a professed white Wicca witch of the fourth generation killed them all because he is dabbler in magic, and he didn't know the consequences. But his father did... And he and his father were not on speaking terms . Having a son was a curse to the lineage of a fourth generation of living female Wicca witches!!
Thank god!!!
But like I said he dies in the end as he alway does and has so many times before.

"It's a girl" was his first blatant lie he ever told his wife . It was not!! 
It was a hemaphrodite, in a set of twins. 
The power her husband felt rushing through him. He thought he had the whole bloody world in his hands. 
Till the wiccans took the throne. The man was deceived by his own conceit .that he never realized that the circle was broken to save his life, that was considered virginal territorial domain.  And because his child was hemaphrodite he only had a fifty percent chance to defeat his Wiccan wife. 
Those odds were lowered to a forty percent chance to win. 
She controlled sixty percent and the wager was death. 
(To be continued:)
The wiccans wife had more power than the whole state of Louisiana and your still thinking she don't?? 
And the Wiccan daughter hemaphrodite , was the younger of the two and became the fifth generation of wiccans.
Your thinking that's pretty impressive huh??
Well Jesus was the fourteenth generation!!
Wow see woo woo!!
Koo loo ka chew!


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