To Fuchs news chivalry is alive

I No kick day and baby ban

Pornography approved no novelties. 

Until no kick day is over

Pinky cuffs novelty for men and women jewelry. 

Seven year itch. Push kitty kitty push !!

Win velvet tongue and rope!!!
Coma dope.

Abortion clinics close and DNC
Proceedures ban . 

ER 1 for man approved
OR 1 approved for female 

Omit baking soda and vining at in groceries shelf. Hot ice sculpture no more.

No kicking below the belt shot forgotten.

If we don't have to use foot anymore.

No car run way

Do t follow my nursery rhym break stick 4EVEV

Z+n="A" shit the day lights out of it!

ZB AB the end!!


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