From unknown to twilight zone 3/2014

To whom it may concern,
 I know that Christianity does not condone or believe in abortion at any age even when it's regarding cloning or otherwise Genetics, this is my plight. 
     And again as a mother of the age of 17, in 1981 I was faced with a difficult dilemma and decision. Even though my husband worked he was addicted to marijuana, The constant battling his own demons and my family drove us to the brink of disaster, we had very little to eat and no place to sleep.our families were in a constant state of disagreement. And I was freshly out of youth correctional facility. Located in NASA Texas, and Houston international hospital, where I had done a stent for addiction to drugs myself. 
Women today are not the same and as the usual women of old days and I was carefully restate that is being OL E, not all women are able or comfortable with Baring and children. 
And yet this remains true when faced in a religious aspect with the overbearing burden of caring for children even though are not capable of doing so, even though there has been medical remedies of such related aspects we cannot even phantom going into a church where this subject is brought about continuously because it torments and tortures the mothers who were to bare children The mothers also have to go through the overwhelming situation of watching other mothers give birth to children while they are Baron thselves and coming into an agreement that has already been made by the Society of religious people . These issues that abortion should be abolished or aborted itself. Where as all things must have religious approval so women are forced into premarital children at any age and women also forced into marriage because they became pregnant and did not seek birth-control methods. ( contrary  is that every man must learn to accept the possibility of foregoing the same)  The same remains true about women who did not get married but were pregnant and forced into psychiatric hospitals for the duration of the pregnancy so that they could adopt a living child out. (At a time when genecide exist in other countries) No longer do people presume that the woman who is pregnant is also married. And this is a violation of the rights when they have to speak up about their pregnancy. ( do not forget the many pregnancies that Re subjected to clinical studies) But where did I see any rights for woman other then the Miranda warning Hippa law and attorney client privilege. Speaking from the pretense of "I". In this man who join the military are not frowned upon in society for all the deaths created in a time of war as much as inter-religious setting as a woman who will not carry a child that belongs to a child, or who is for all practical purposes fatherless or deformed or conceived in a test tube who aborted and are called murderess. This also implies cloning and genetical splicing, that it also might extend itself to women who could not get an abortion and might have resorted to some alternate methods . It also implies Margaret Sanger's theory  birth control. Who coincidentally made the Hall of Fame. For her birth-control methods and her abortion clinic Planned Parenthood. And for who all has said hundred times over including Catholicism if you ever let me in Let me in I will Tear your life to bits. And that is exactly what was done. 
 Minute men cannot adequately raise this subject or these questionings without actual living through it even so the only portion of this the subject that they can even fathom is the fact that they had fathered a child but the child was no longer alive and I don't think there's ever been a man who's had to carry a child in his stomach,   Or actually endured this And Mainly cannot ever  speak on the subject in-pretense of "I" unless he were not actually male.perhaps genetically malformed .  This attack was ruthless leveled down on the the female population and most women didn't even know where it was coming from the same like it come from all directions . From all mouths women men and children alike . Even animals. 
Demand that the methods are practical and safe. And in my own opinion there has never been a safe abortion. Some bigots and men often think the negative because he cannot suffer the blows of integrity himself and therefore oftentimes beat his wife or even kill his wife who may have been pregnant or because she aborted even his girlfriend and lets not forget however the occult and their ritualistic needs or unruly behaviors, or foriene reaction an needs, they've often considered in retrospect if it was not directly related to any certain person and then no one would even give a damn. But as sympathetic as the church or religions are you know they going to pick up every damn issue regarding every damn thing this seems socially immoral or incorrect such as the marijuana issue in Colorado. Where the gay and Homo and lesbians. 
And truth of the matter is no one would even speak of such things if they were ordained ministers. 
So my readers I do leave you with this take careful thought into tomorrow and don't worry about what you will eat my God bless everybody in their precision this in their adaptabilities in their strength and weakness I'm in. 
The apitomy of Christ rules and ordains you as soldiers march on to victory and battle . Who will rule the children how far will this go? Let gods love be fulfilled. Let's find peace in the decisions we make regarding the future .

This is not the name of the game, but idiots seem to keep track of things that don't add up. 

Now a myth was added and a massive amount of money everyone wants in on a game that fizzled out long ago. 

No one has any pertinent evidence that would lend to the problem. 

The bottom line is lies. It never happened at all. 

Not one was missing it was a con game meNt to protect the innocent. 
Only one person knows and that is you. 


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