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My mind likened into a vortex of the sky!!

  • Who is crossing time zones, pushing back time? Who knows tunnels best? Weather ? Who can put your whole life in double jeapordy? Put your life on edge? Or even a plane? At an unknown glacier cliff ? Similar Vortex, below. 

    On our minds today and a brief word from a preacher we frequent on Sundays came word of "the end is near", people will vanish and it is likely a person standing right next to you. Will you be left behind?Lead right to the news that morning of the maylasian plane disappearance. I personally did not watch the news this morning but as mystifying and perplexing as it may sound to unbelievers, or hostile christains who demand to know the answer we must put this in perspective. Open forum came a note of prophesy:Which said, we are in remembrance of how death has captured our thoughts so many times before, to mention john Denver , and a few others how would you have us see this? Realistically as so a person steals a car, so has the jet been stolen as not to aberration of the mind a perspective not appreciated enough. Although you know in time, the real truth no matter how abberrated mystically disappeared , truth in the end is near it shall be revealed. Let's not confuse with Antioch , antichrist like powers. Let clings to what we know and wander not into unknowns until truth is revealed.  
    I said its a vortex !! And if it's a vortex it's is very dangerous . My understanding came from scorpion pass judges 2;3  "1995 I stood and watched this thing which circled in a scorpion like manner, at the entrance of an apartment centered it was golden in color. Then mystically a young man appeared from behind a door and it disappeared . Several weeks later I saw shooting stars in the sky three in unison in the form of an upside down Capitol "L". We have learned to write in the wind . 

    updated 9:18 AM EDT 03.17.14Meet the pilots of Malaysia Airlines flight
    Who were the men who flew flight 370
    A A A (resize font)

    (CNN) - "All right, good night."

  • Those are the last words heard from the cockpit of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

    Who said them? Was it the captain or his first mate? Or someone else in the cockpit with them?

    Officials in Washington suspect it was either of the pilots -- and that one or both was involved in MH370's disappearance on March 8.

    And according to the Malaysian Prime Minister's account of events, by the time those words were spoken, someone had likely already taken steps to alter the flight's path -- intentionally.


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