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According to this map would put you in the republic of Texas . Somewhere beneath a starry night lay a southern bell child held tight to a veil. That thy twinkling in thine eyes matched the heavens star light bright. I wish I may I wish I might have this lady for my wife .

What does the German word froline?

If you mean frauline, then it is an affectionate term for woman. 

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Nein! Eine Fraulein ist ein Dame ohne Ehemann. Eine Frau ist ein Dame mit Ehemann.


a "fraulein" is an unmarried woman, a "frau" is a married one. It's also okay to call waitresses fraulein because German waitresses are usually young women who haven't been married yet.

An essential element of the Southern belle was social grace. They were always good-mannered and could make any guest feel welcome.[2] The "Southern belle" epitomizedSouthern hospitality, a cultivation of beauty, and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.[3]

The opening scene of the film Gone with the Wind is widely considered to depict a classic example of a Southern belle.[2] In that scene,Scarlett O'Hara is on the porch entertaining the Tarleton Twins, and they are completely captivated by her. She is playful, delicate, and beautiful.


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