Wait a minute, god bless you thank you !

Amen dig in!
We're not in the mood to take care of Charlie Manson's crew are lit homicidal maniac and I really feel bad about that, 
Because it's you is you, 
Let's think that I have some kind a learning disability that you have to subject me to the all these insane cruelty,
As I sit in this garden, you ask me if I wanted a chance? Which I've always wanted , Paul was sick and almost gone. Grandmom is Leaning on the phone. 
All my money is almost gone. 
Should I should I should I ?
Show up in court stoned?
She left home long time ago? 
What is she who is he as babe what is it make any difference who they are?
Them's my parents look at em?? Aren't they cute? I love it when they smile,
Isn't it funny how time changes everything?  Your my Moss hanging in the tree.. Dawg barkin sing... It's a bigotree that's just you and me. With little Mexican treats. Come on dig in let's eat.


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