Fireworks screaming meme's and missile

You might just be looking for scrap iron 

But it's private property .the property owner may not be feeling well. 
You be careful!!! Have a good day. 

Oh yesterday was three ladies and a man 
Jehovah witnesses, the just drove up like they owned it and flashed a Jehovah flyer at our back door.  

Again please heed the law and order here.

74 ft the 75th ft is your fault, but arrest ?? 

Is not on the dockets. However this not Howells/koresh/Waco but it was a second verse was same as the first. 
Why the hell all off in gods business?? 

Tolerance is only so much as you can muster up, and no Marshall laws will help you .
Says the mighty dictators.
We will not war with you anymore. 


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