Building a straw hut part one

Observe direction the wind is blowing. Plan to build your straw hut so that the back faces the direction the wind blows.
Step 2

Cut two branches that are more than six feet long with your ax or saw. Branches that have notches at the top work best. These are the uprights for your straw hut.
Step 3

Sharpen the bottom of the branches with your saw or ax, then drive the pointed ends of the branches into the ground so they are firmly in place.Step 4

Use a third branch as a ridge pole, and place it in the notched ends of the embedded uprights. The ridge pole is the top horizontal part of the roof. Think of it as the straw hut's spine.Step 5

Make the back wall of the straw hut out of cut branches. Lean them against the ridge pole and lay lighter branches across the leaning branches. Lash them into place with vines.Step 6

Trim straw into lengths several feet long, and weave them into the branches until you create a solid wall that will protect you against the wind. If you are building your hut in a where it's hot, add even more straw to the wall. The thicker the walls, the cooler you will be inside your hut.


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