Class acts make big denari

Baby people ask you why you didn't make it in music industry Tannie when you have such a beautiful gift your voice and your appearance, why didn't you try harder?
First of all my intelligence is to perceive myself but sometimes I wonder if I don't have artificial intelligence. 
I've known some things ever since I was a child and hey children should not know!

"Domination by people for profit or gain"there many people today that used domination tactics for profit or gain, particularly in the artistic fields. 
Where money can be slid under the table and not calculated by the federal government. This is a sad fact.
And this is why there are several reasons why I stopped 1)profit or gain no one paid me. 
2) because it's an ego trip 
3) that it a power over its victims and
4) rape is included in the domination trips sexual domination over mates during sexual intercourse. 
It is as it seems the more beautiful or intelligent or useful the more valued the person is to the dominating person , which create certain revenues for the person who is dominating and a certain fields yield higher income such as prostitution ,erotic dancing ,modeling , acting , even politics and music.
Education is more subtle aspect but similarly used all the same. 
There more and more people seeking these avenues to generate revenue for their own needs and often these needs are met secretly, when they find out if they're being dominated  to break contracts with these people Or bonds and ties.  Often this is when it becomes very violent. 
The secret avenues are through managers pimps and higher authority figures, Who taken all the money, then dole out a percentage of that money back to that submissive, subordinate. Many can walk the walk and talk the talk but they cannot keep a contract or their word and the submissive winds up being robbed in the process. If they are not sub dominant, and cannot take care of themselves.
These things have linked into the mainstream of the family units estranged or not are in the family's unawares. 

These managers and pimps are often nonbiased equal opportunity for these people children and adults alike learn to some as if Candy to babes. The weaker ones fall to tragic end, they don't last long and more like a generic fill until they get something better or for those dominants who are not exactly criteria of a pimp... Which become more like a Con game. 

Domination tactics are harmful to health and Claim many lives every year!

There are buyers sellers abusers and users. 
Not women or men are predominantly guilty because women and men are equally as guilty as the other.  Because they allow this type of thing in our society today. 
It is sad this happens on American soil the land of milk and honey of prosperity and freedom.

This is not subject to certain walks of life of people but all people and human trafficking is part of it. It is not just slavery of the black , was slavery of the whites ,slavery of the brown yellow and all walks of life. 

How much money you make depends on the tethers and shackles that you can Endure for prolonged periods of time. 

Therefore do something that you enjoy with your life and don't let this hold you back. 

Be your own man! 


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