Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cold seasons what to do !!!

Spring is here among us and we are needing things for cold remedies, 
Especially for the human immune system that is compromised, or weak such as an infant. Here is a few things that you can do. First of all beet juice taste a lot better if you make it at home with the beet juice maker or a juice maker .
Considering omitting the tea Kool-Aid and cokes and milk at times and high fructose sucrose once juice and other juices.
Try instead chicken broth beef broth and vegetable broth in your baby bottles.  Also may also try green juices such as alfalfa and spinach and mustard greens and season them with your child's favorite olfactory sense seasonings if you give them a something they like to smell and they are more likely to drink what you offer them. 
Try Pedialyte it has a lot of potassium a lot of things for babies and has a pleasant scent and just building up on a lot of good fluids for the baby right now during spring time before summer gets here Don't forget Good old grandmas homemade soups its just Campbell Soup and any kind of soup instead of heavy foods on their stomach.
 loading babies body up with bacteria iand feces is not a good idea to become constipated or bloated with Feces,  and let's not forget those baby the good vitamins liquid I keep it low low dose of "B" and iron in those vitamins. Substitute iron for alphalpha And something substitute juice for a little bit of orange chicken made from homemade orange juice. 
Many different varieties and recipes can be written from these and these are extra  healthy for your child and another recommendation is oatmeal. 
Two main strains of things that you need to be aware of since we how have pets is Bordatello and minute strains of tuberculosis this is not for you to be scared of but even though it may scare your little bit, make sure baby had all her vaccines . 

And thank God you still have your baby what a wonderful gift from God!!

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