Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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About one in 25 people imprisoned under a death sentence is likely innocent, according to a new statistical study appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. And that means it is all but certain that at least several of the 1,320 defendants executed since 1977 were innocent, the study says. From 1973 to 2004, 1.6 percent of those sentenced to death in the U.S.—138 prisoners—were exonerated and released because of innocence.

Comment: does anybody ever question the judicial system with it this in mind have you ever had thought that perhaps this would happen to you? Have you ever went to court on a charge that you did not commit have you ever had the answer to it driving ticket that was not your fault?

Your not alone, many have experiences but the problem is that when you want let one go you're going to have to let a whole bunch of them go as the example above says. They had to let hundred and 38 people go. 

I personally have noticed that the computer system is been having a hard time deciphering between the words polar bear "polar bear"and the word bear child, The word bear as in "Barron ", or 


Baron is a title of honour, often hereditary, and ranked as one of the lowest titles in the various nobiliary systems of Europe.[1] The female equivalent is Baroness.

The backup systems are going to fail too, this bit of information is the Y2K theory. 

It was not about the digits numbers 2012, insomuch that there has been tampering with the computer systems throughout the last how many years?

The Y2K very was top-secret information and this information has trickled in to the smaller computers

Where they were backed up as well and saved on hard disk. And this is why call it the "domino effect". Because it's stored . Why the Tandy computer became the talk of the town and is being tested . It should not accept any forms of mistakes. You have to right in "dos". 

    You cannot be just any programmer. 

That's the skills but most schools and teacher strikes and will not tutor even their own child. 

And Such as in power failure where the security breach usually happens that's where they have the security malfunction, I am not a thief this is an observation. In complete English , literature or sentence structure screwed it up. 

And if I am right in this also applies to any judicial system that wants to rely wholeheartedly on the computer system, and if I am wrong and demand them to use shorthand in paperwork then nothing has failed as of yet. 

Except for the release of 138 criminals.

At all times question the judicial system at all times help your attorney to decide and decipher the truth, and it all times be truthful even in the face of danger where you may have to go to jail for the crimes you have committedt if they have caught you at a federal level then you should try your best to decipher what you have done and how you done it so that the you justice can give you an adequate sentence. Not one that is impartial and untrue.

I want you to know that if you released 138 criminals that if they find out that someone is on to him or onto them and that's going to insite a riot.

There are millions of people who Go every day who are mentally deranged mentally incapable of understanding the actions of their crimes. 

This also implies to then Nami national alliance for mentally ill that you may have people and the mental health facility who is actually not qualified to work for mental health this also means that you may have improper diagnosis because of mental health infiltration by foreigners. 

But thing is is that's where they belong in a mental hospital. 

Let's put the judicial system to work for you. 

Sometimes when I heinous crime is committed and cannot remember what they have done. 

At all times seek the truth the truth shall set you free. 

Signing out Tannie Joe Gwin-dykema. 2014

Except was omitted for a address on profiling;


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