Get the point!!

Its the point haircut designed by Tannie 
There are good and bad points, 
Sometimes there are two versuns of the "bAd" ....
I said it was a good point but a bad versun of it that got me into trouble.

My point is that no one believes me, 
They all believed you, and I cannot prove to them my point, but I can disprove your point!!

I don't call tags I let their point alone , 
So I can wear my own points. 

Two versuns of truth!!

Means someone is lying.

They tagged me!! Your bullshit is not on my agenda, antagonize me no more?!!!

Now get my point

How about the trash can can tell em all about it.

Where maybe is not in the trashcan can... Maybe it's in that port a potty??

Get away from me ass holy and how many time do I have to slap you to make you leave me alone/loan???

Had a stroke of luck!!


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