Isn't death beautiful

Seen so many does
So many doesn't know
The face of death how it comes and goes
And seldom do we know
Why I even have to show
And now looking at up close
Life we go on Tippy toe, 
Here we go
Tippy toes

Feeling shame and disgrace, 
We look down into the grace
Blessed are we, deathly pace,
Saving day to day
Our eternal
Sipping fountains of youth,
Here we go,,,
Tippy toes, 
Time to go
Tippy toes
Abstract painting on the wall
As forgiving pace the hall,
The ting of death you see
Painlessly mistaken me
For one so true
Wasn't it you ?
Tippy toes. 
Tippy toes
My house a circle
Everywhere I go
Filled trains of tears 
Through the years for you
Why do I have to bring it,
The flowers too,
Tippy toe 
Tippy toes,
Don't let it bug you!!
We're all through with you?
Good ole tippy toes ..
Tippy toes


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