Thursday, April 17, 2014

Keeping my readers informed

This is the nature of my game right now because I care about people I care about my family and I care about my readers I don't want anybody to get hurt or in trouble and the best way you can protect your family and your friends is by being informative and not withholding information that might be pertinent to their livelihood okay so anyway this is why I write on my blog every day.

You can also do the same by being informative and there are other ways you can protect your family especially when there's physical threats being made. 

At the red is anything that intimidates someone who you love into doing something that they rather not do like brandishing a firearm. 

Today a lot of people don't use those terminologies Or technical terms but basically what that means is people who don't want to carry a firearm doesn't have to carry fire and like I said the Second Amendment is still there even if you don't use it. 

Basically what this means is if you live by the sword you die by the sword, 

And the best advertisement is word-of-mouth. People of been intimidated into not speaking about the problems of society today.  

Because they believe in the days of the old such as in wars and family fusion stuff, and back in those days that was the only way for them to resolve their problems. But today I feel that people are more intelligent than that. 
And because I'm informative my readers are very intelligent. 

Because most my readers are Christians are Christianity or believe in a religious affect some of them are even gifted spiritually, but since this is coming about to a royal head religion freedom of religion is something that people do not talk about openly and this is something that I condone. 

Do not worry being friends with someone is not to take your life is going to save your life. As matter-of-factly if the whole worlds population only one person or actually Christians then you might be pretty much alone in this world. 

It's good to think about that and to assume that. 

And it's like you got to say no to drugs, you also got to learn to say no when people start saying your snitch or your narc are you're you're you're just a dirty rat... Should make you feel bad. 
And it should make you feel bad that you're informed on the informative because that is the whole thing in a nutshell. 

God bless you people and keep your spirits above all of those things that make you feel bad , use positive affirmations when you talk to friends and they'll understand you. 

Have a beautiful day

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