Let's pray for peace!! Today!!

On this Easter Sunday I would rather pray for peace than to pray for the Armageddon or the apocalypse or any other war that is sort listed in revelations, 
 On any other docket or list listed in the United States of America military regime. 

It is because the people who wish to be peaceful the peace shall I want to refer to beatitudes . 

After living a whole life of war enrage and more, and becoming maturing age I found that more hands more people die from this war than any other things in the world today.

Therefore I join pope Francis in prayer and pray for a thousand years of peace and the wars to end, even though I am not Catholic. 

However it takes is to achieve this accomplishment I applaud, I wholeheartedly condone. Peace can be very very maddening, so let's get it together people in this pray for peace instead of war is pray and we never ever see another plane disappear in the heavens. Another ferry capsized, or another abortion, let's lay down our history books and stop looking to the past for the answers the pass is not the answers, we the people are the answer!!

I think you're beautiful Pope Francis!!
One more thing, 

Yo te queri much !!


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