More fun at the end of son's of guns!

Many controversial subjects are being seen in the Gazette of Colorado Springs Colorado newspaper I'm beginning to wonder if that is where all controversial subjects are briefed and and put into like. 
the subject of marijuana and medicinal marijuana and the legalization of marijuana and secondly gun control laws and the Second Amendment they got lots which I will put an excerpt in this particular entry.

Firearms sellers testify about background check burdens, call new laws unconstitutional

£what did he say? Constipated } 
That's all it looks like to me Rufus!!

DENVER - The first week of a trial about two new Colorado gun laws concluded Friday with the plaintiff resting and the state calling the first two witnesses from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

At issue is whether two provisions in Colorado's new gun laws - the ban on high-capacity magazines and the requirement for gun sellers to perform background on customers - are outside the Second Amendment's realm of "reasonable restrictions."

In this particular issue those that need protection don't get protection and those who have protection Are never bothered, but those who need protection and cant get protection are often questioned mostest and are the ones that really get the jobs done. 

Don't you point your finger at me!!!

Women's live itinerates.

"A Man walks into a bar is this down and started talking to the bartender bartender said I  belong to the sons of Sam's club another guy piped in said I belong to along to the Sands of anarchy, and a third guy said well live along to the sons of a gun. Shut the heck up and lets drink." 

I believe I'll a "snake bite" thank you very much!


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