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Mysterious death

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A family is in shock after a 19-year-old Texas A&M University student diagnosed with Mononucleosis passed away just a few days later.

Christy Crow, a Sophomore at A&M, died early Wednesday morning at UTMB Hospital in Galveston.

Comment: mononucleosis has been in the vacinity of north Houston for at least 35 years , being first noticed in around late seventies in Aldine isd . By Houston international airport area. 

Says tanniebear who was a resident in Aldine . 

Strange strange indeed. 

Your only lead is mononucleosis why would it stagnate and reappear ?

Mono has alway been a very serious illness. 

Personally I also had mono in January  2014.

Another problem in Aldine was spinal meningitis , these problems seemed environmental. 

In 1977 I had to have my apendicts removed at citizen general hospital. may have sued.  Removing my right female organ Fallopian tube.  Saying it was my apendicts that ruptured. 

My trip to hospital said I had pneumonia jan 2014but I said it was mono and severe medulla oblongata failure which caused the heart attack. Radiation pneumotitis, from broken TV sets .

My treatments work but it will be reoccurring , till radiation subsides. If radiation is involved. 

Where did this woman come from listed above??

It's a rapist that plays castles to the woman , but a homocidal maniac pretending to be a doctor and a geneticist who gets rid of the evidence using his own inventions as instruments. 


No one knows what the woman above died from but this would be my guess.

With much sympathy , 

And regret tanniebear.

Ps actually threats rang out all too soon for one family , when every member was stricken deadly with various forms of illnesses that was life threatening, 

Only one was truly unscathed soon the family lost its value and all had to go their separate ways. 

This is the nature of my game right now because I care about people I care about my family and I care about my readers I don't want anybody to get hurt or in trouble and the best way you can protect your family and your friends is by being informative and not withholding information that might be pertinent to their livelihood okay so anyway this is why I write on my blog every day. 

Guilty or not we all have to answer to life's little problems. If no one answers to the problems they don't just go away they continue to spiral eventually unfolding it's own versions of truth.

Elements of truth can be very gastly. 

Pointing it's crooked finger at anyone even death trails from the graves by signifying with illnesses . 

I always loved investigatingay, finding absolutes that bring resolution. 

I'm not always right , but I'm not always wrong either, so stop me one day and let me know what is working for you??

There were not many who were freed in the neighborhood of Aldine isd. 

So keep it under your hat!!!

Till we can roll out the red carpet on these topics and there problems.

Call me please

Let's talk 


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