Racial tension exposed and elevates!

The racial war has just begun when we consider Sudan genocide KKK Jewish leaders and religious leaders. 
In view of this everyone must choose the side,  but not all victims are innocent. 
"But not all people deserve to die because of their constant harassment of the opposing side of their argument, "

And not all sides need to be heard just because someone in authority are a power position delegated to be so. 

Everyone was to follow the peace treaty set before our forefathers except for where their faulty and breeched  then those situations must be heard, and accordingly in this must follow some kind of chronological order. 
Noticed a lot of the courts of been backlogged for quite some time. Obviously they do need people who goes through the records and manicurist them and cultivate them for cases to be requested to be put on the on the docket. 
"Who in gods hell would take a innocent case of " scratching"someone and turn it against the victim. Charged him and incarcerate them and put them in jail and make them plead guilty to something they did not do. " 
If it weren't to support some other negligent finding in the case of the plaintive which is guilty of racketeering and plagiary of the victims.

Perhaps they are on the same side just paradoxes of the same truth. 
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