South Texas we now have a us Marshall

Gary Blankenship 

Dictators rise and bring more wars says concerned citizens of Texas , this would keep Obama in office as well if we go to war, of whom concerned citizens do not want for three reasons;
War is horrific, and Texas doesn't want Obama in office any longer than he has to be; because then we'll be under his dictatorship till the war is over, plus we will face the possibility of loosing our babies in death during the war. 
Hence more cloning to replace soldiers . 

They are "dawgs of war" sang out "Pink Floyde", a rock band in the eighties. 

The thieves are after sand in all forms.

Sands that polio was born in,

Sands that give us rest, but if we have no rest....
Then what? We will loose our minds.
So god gave us oil instead made from fats.


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