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Your daily dosage of hell!!

Brother how confuse you have been are you from Mexico why are you here in Texas? 
   An old man sitting in lawnchair and as he sat with his Bible in his hand and lap and his finger graces the lines of the page While he reads, notices the woman standing beside him, and he ask what is your name young lady?
     He pauses and says "God gives grace and insight into these problems Lord for he who looks up is asking for your help."And he looks up into the woman's face she gazes a him and notices that he's entirely blind. 
     The same changes ,the world changes ,and so must I, and eye. 
               EYE LORD EYE
Exodus 21; 24 and I for an eye tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burning for burning wound for wound stripe for stripe. 
     Leviticus 19;18 vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay. 
Deut. .32;35 with what measure you mete it shall be measured to you again. 

Fear of the Lord is good. 

God is slow to wrath

Dear bretheren we are of the same congregation and we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

As Able was to Cain and Cain was to Abel, until the unthinkable happened at which time Cain slewed or murdered Able. 

Leviticus 19;18 says that vengeance is the Lords  and I will repay but what it doesn't say is that the Lord has planned his attacking vengeance in your behalf and that you and your in no circumstances are God or the Lord as in
Greek mythology or Roman mythology, which means is two separate things mythology and theology. 
"You are not God and neither am I"

In Genesis chapter 4 verse 10 God said what have you done the voice of your brother cries to me from the ground", well as we all know the dead does not speak from the ground nor does his blood, so what was God talking about here? 

Is there some form of malady or benevolence malevolent this to death that we as people are sensitive to and furthermore God is sensitive to. You have just head portions of  versus chapters through but stop and  say to yourself my friend,  you should be very very wise by now , what you have just witnessed is the first martyr ever recorded on earth in Genesis chapter 4 verse 8. 

Hey man sitting in a chair extended his right hand and said hi my name is ________. 
And I have retinitis pigmentosa I was born this way with this disease and I'm gradually going to be completely blind. 
Lord Lend  your eyes we need insight into these problems.
Later on the woman return to him and said yes I have heard of these problems, before trouble with the occult in Mexico ?Matamoros from Warez Mexico?
You must think of us as a fool would be ...USA Texas and Republic , we've heard about you yes ! I am unempressed but we call  these eye problems the "evil eye", even the Mexicans recognize it as such.

Are you not as hindered as some such as Hellen Keller who struggled to excel her disabilities and enlighten the world with her efforts?

Some believe she prophesied of others who were going blind she said you're going blind because you have not accepted the truth about your blindness, because you witness to a terrible incident and partook in it you saw the fighting stick and held it in your hand and pointed directly at a clerk in a store and pulled the trigger and you are cursed by it because you shot a man. 
And I tell you this with the authority of Christ because I feel that you also intended to kill again. 
But let me break this evil like curse  for you my friend so you can see the face of the person you intended to kill and freely he went away sorrowful , in buked because no two religions are identical.

Mankind does not know the hour and God will call upon him and his feebleness thinking there will be another chance for him to be saved but ignorantly turns away and refuses to be saved being left behind Matthew 24:42

So in conclusion my brethren we slept together we rest in the same house we work together and we fight together but if I pluck your eye out and youpluckine out neither of us could see to help each other or any other or even ourselves. 

That's why I believe Jesus came to correct the law, for as an time goes by laws become obsolete and they have to be looked at again for what law do you know Of stands in existence but is it dysfunctional? For the time of this day and may not be working but in a time of tomorrow and it may be  working exceedingly well as in it was the day it was written. 

So according to Exodus 2124 "justice is blind" some say,  and then considering such a man as being justice we are supposed to feel for our brothers and sisters and empathy and sympathy and not let him wander about the streets blind stumbling over the lame, sick , the helpless and the poor. When in a day you saw Justice helping you when you were sick when you were helpless and you were poor and when you were to far they came and carried you out that burning building.     

    .....the system has revolted and doled out capital punishment for capital crimes and you sat there and felt vindicated for what he done but these are eradicated feelings and these are feelings that you must seek help from a cycle of pathological problems , psychological battery,  from our psychologist of today , and this may take you more than a lifetime to undo. Because when you take a life whether at the point of a gun or electric chair Or through an intravenous needle, there is no coming back!!! You cannot change the death of another person.  Particularly if it is a very violent death such as at the end of the gun.  Think about it people. Many have fallen to these "eye" "I " problems. 
Be careful !
Usually it is "I "want ... "I " need... Me first... Eye candy... I I I eye.....

Now read deut. 34;35
With what measure you mete it shall be measured unto you again , endlessly I would add. 
Ever heard of the word "hail?"

Hail !!

I'm sorry , how deep is the depths of Satan these days anyway these lies?

The answer is no no matter what the want is this is the way it is  in north Americans Way today. 

Never turn your back on a friend.


Tannie Gwin said…
Here is the answer that I sought for birthday very long time the Lord God says iamb Potter and you're the clay, after Cain slew able. --BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
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