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Another man shot to death? Mr pink panthers!!

Suicide by cop "Blair "

Suicide by cop is a suicide method in which a suicidal individual deliberately acts in a threatening way, provoking a lethal response from a law enforcement officer or other legitimately armed individual, such as beingshot to death.[1]
Covering the subject for people who do have mental disabilities and being the case of Blair and the Black Panthers, vs United States of America .
""We are at war," not only militarily but personally with each other, please make your peace with people and stop fighting!!""
The subject is whether not how to approach a police officer on duty, being a person with mental disabilities is not an easy thing. It was a very unfortunate Day for the Blair family indeed. May I remind you of the United States of America is full of crooked people and that includes crooked cops. It is the United States of American citizen duty right and privilege to read through these cops on a daily basis to determine if his job has gotten the better of him . 
Suppressing evidence does not entitle you to come back a year later and say to him "we did this so we could really really see what kind a cop these people are in it whether or not they're going to tell the truth. " is a mistrial. 
I'm the case of Blair it was said the cops were never charged . 
It truly is the victims "judgement call " to approach a police officer with a knife and if he approached the police officer with a knife then he was asking to be put down. In this case is called suicide by cop. Though mentally ill affords no mistakes, you've seen it on tv and so have I the right proceedure to touch to wit with these individuals and it almost alwYs requires a theropist on the scene to avoid such accidents, and because none was afforded the whole of the attempt to radicate the situation got out of control and out of hand. It also  implied that a warrent should be issued for probable cause to enter the residence before a mental patient can be apprehended. If there is no warrant , .... But likely as will  case will mistrial if brought to court. On suppression of evidence. 
The more this type of behavior is repeated and heard the more slick ended the road becomes. 
Someone will prosper but not likely the victim or their family. Unknowingly! 
It's routinely the victims families fault for suppression of evidence. 
But on the other hand shooting anyone even a perpetrator who has entered into your home in the unlawfully way and shooting perp in the head is unlawful and murder in the first degree no matter if you're gun toting police officer or use a private citizen of United States.
I'm sure that if justice is perversed in such a way , that (justice )it is appalled as much as any other at the situation.
May turn a deaf ear or two, but justice eventually is found, because hatred is that great!! However ; Maybe in another court, the courts of our lord and savior 
The War is not in Gods heavens, & thank God!!
There has been other instances "where a woman headed back towards the police officers with a screw driver in hand and she was shot to death as we'll"
This is not about black or white , this apparently seems to be in the form of miscommunication. Not being able to have a theropist on hand. 
A direction in which people cannot understand, kind a like when someone's in bed asleep and they're talking out the side of the mouth drooling in their sleep, and talking . 
But we cannot take a police officers word on this just words today because as they're all kind of crooked people in this world and they all have to have a job so they can support thier families. Chance in its eighth amendment. 
You want a different perspective on things, No one is white as snow no one had ever walked on water , certainly not you mr pink panther. Go ahead and cry about it . I know it hurts. 

I would rather blame a cartoon than someone who doesn't want to be an officer to begin with . 
Someone like that is the reason why we lock our doors when we see them coming down the road.
My advice to you to do the same. 
Ouit loading your weapons with stories that makes your Johnson's jump!!
Take a class for lame brains so when you are attacked you'll know how to approach an officer on duty . 
"No man will forego life limb andjeapordy  twice", 
 Counted : eight rounds
Entrapment :
Suppression of evidence:
Man was more than mentally ill
They are Direct attacks in fort bend county.

Thank you!!


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