I am schizophrenic

"Many people make mention of people that has had mental illness and went on to being criminals such as the criminally insane".

Many people have mentioned that criminals are not born into this world but made from environmental factors or because, or hetero stasis or lack of corrections.

However let me clarify the onset for mental illness it was for some comes from capital punishment a corporal punishments associated with job title and professions and had high demand perfect for perfections.( example military a legislator, teachers, political leaders, law enforcement officers high stress jobs)

This is not a story about the above

Sadly this story is about a child onset of schizophrenia and about her struggles with the above and she Is one that advocates for the same. Although She may never mature into the profession she aims to accomplish because there's nothing that makes mentally ill an easy path in life.  
         number #1 " The Threat"
(Clearly thinking is the object and goals)

It would be easier to Cast away person  like a handkerchief badly used , it might would be easier to Cast her away for the lack of her understanding,
But when you follow on these pages you'll get a grip and an understanding perhaps your not too old to make a change yourself by your own designs  and understanding love comes and opens his door to help one for one and all .
In these few pages a tangled web of mass confusion. 
#1 threat
Remembering the first threat that I clearly imagined about being a runaway child loosing cops and aliases, about hiding from cops. 
This argument was not heard with an audible ear,or even a comprehensive one.
For the lack of understanding and the severity of its charms and curses, The mind reveals itself at times and it accosted with consequences for actions.
Even when intelligent questions seem to be not so. Till all the same is seem to be the worst enemy. Blurting out subliminal swayed by the over Berrince of authority figures. The magic word "no"  never heard because it's alright here in the mind, of which you cannot put asunder because it is "won"with the mind many times before. 
Which draws me to my conclusion
No two minds think alike. 
And greatful at some point I was reachable, and eye to eye enough knowledge to bring about this understanding....

That "I am schizophrenic" and nothing can change who I am.

Locked into this world I may never be free of my desease . 

I must learn to live by all it's consequence, episodes, and treatments humane or not .

Kindness? It matters greatly! As well humane compassion, trust, and social acceptance. 

It's the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

The threat invented the body mind and warns people not to change your names.
Such as gang members might do.
And not hide yourself among the bushes Or play games with your identity. No one knows your name and you the state are you wind up being accosted harmed unnamed you can suffer at the hands of unknown and you could die a jane or John Doe. And fake identities mean and unsolve crimes. Perhaps if you're running from something that something might catch up with you later in life you may have an identity crisis or develop Alzheimer's good advice but somethings kind of quirky about it when it comes to criminal records being imprisoned or worse, identity theft. Did you ever think that someone might want to lose her identity because it's so horrible just being you?
Terrorism is in the homeplace terrorism is out on the street terrorism is on your TV terrorism is everywhere and we are at the center of a war something seized these desist just the good advice seems to pull and continue to pull us through and would you take this advice? 
   If you ask me you got to be pretty dumb if you did not take this advice to try to steal someone's ID going to hide your own in a day and time like this I think so....



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