Journal entry for the twelveth of May

I entered into a house of rest today, fearful and scared of what's going to happen in the near future. A stroke of bad luck seems to follow me where ever I go. It is a bad feeling actually terrible feeling when you have no where to go, women are hypothetically at a very big disadvantage when they come to this problem. This seemed to me that it was the very threat that made people stay with abusive boyfriends and husbands. Not being able to succeed with minimal  danger to thier lives. I've never known one so dangerous as one in flight or fight syndrome. 
The legality is that it never ends these topics and when it does it's really hard to get a grip that it is over , some totally loose thier minds freedom is just another way of saying there is nothing left to loose. But oh that is so wrong on so many levels. 
Your mind still is aware of probabilities that if you don't stand you may never take the stand at all.
Be mindful of your past. 
No one will ever forget you!!

TLC Tannie 

Abuse of any kind is not tolerated least if all by me, but this intolerarance doesn't have to end your life, getting on top is a pain in the ole derriaire . (French for butt). 


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