Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Problem-solving written by Tannie Gwin

Strict stress factors broad-spectrum accusations made by peers are family members, regarding smoking and false positives."Stop smoking".

"Does not define"what is being smoked with spectrums being so broad and given the many consumable illegal smoking products Street drugs and their popularity on the street or in the family dwelling unit is detrimental to conversation whether speaking about cigarettes and/or the controversial subjects on marijuana and it's legalization in other states. 
Should be omitted, from court dockets until The subject can be defined more clearly. 
To reply to "stop smoking" is likely to incriminate the legal consumption and consumers of legal cigarettes.
(#1 example: Marlboro Company)
Or its customers are any other tobacco Company.mentioned by example #1 And would be a violation of the Fifth Amendment, on dockets or otherwise leave room for mistakes and or miscarriages of justice. More rightly being so to a non-consumer of anything other than legal cigarette tobacco products mentioned in example one. 
(#2 example:The lawsuits taken in record substantiating cancer research and cigarette smoking as being a primary factor to the overwhelming development on the causes of cancer.) bullshit!
(#3 example : Colorado civil liberty rights to increase is legalities regarding marijuana and it's medicinal properties and sales. 
(#4 example: The death toll related to suicide rates among those who consume marijuana and the mentally ill smokers or non-smokers alike when brought to court and charged something that was not accurate or was a false positive which perjured the courts into mistrial and into the legalization of marijuana. )

     One thing that is very clear that this statement is too dangerous for its own good. 
This statement "stop smoking", will jeopardize every mental health occupation and it's doctors along with his clientele.
And in the future will refer to this statement "stop smoking", as "false positives", when referencing cigarette smoking. And the cause of cancer, and marijuana medicinal properties as being a cure to cancer. As being false advertisement. 


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