Thursday, May 01, 2014

We don't have to work

It's kind of hard to believe that it's been a very very long time and it doesn't seem like it's been very long you know when you're down and you ILL for a long time but time flies  but it didn't seem like it's been very long at all, matter fact when they tell you your 50 years old and time is going quickly you begin to doubt yourself. 
Funny how life and lies seem to pervert the truth and mislead to miss guide you in such a way that you begin to believe it and big picture actually not the person you say You are or perhaps not as old as you think.
Are you remember things as being horrifying can't believe all you've been through and if you still remain alive.
Why don't people die when things like this happens? And the worst thing is is living your whole damn life and not knowing who you really are. If you were suicidal why people stop you from committing suicide?
Because at this rate how many people are actually alive ? 6 billion?
And think about it if your woman every person has ever been born on the faces the earth came from sexual intercourse between a man and woman. 
All 6 billion of them, and all of them will be birthed to a woman so women I think we have done our jobs. 

But some people believe some people were born to clones.

Big apple even has a sperm bank, twhere are these women so brave and true?

Who would carry an anonymous mans child, without love . Without god in their lives. 

Ok maybe . 

Maybe it is the truth but the thing is is that when you are down this pregnant handicapped a senior citizen or it is down with pregnancy or just had a baby. 
You don't need someone Dragging you making you go to work. You should have royalty rights over your children, and not have to take your children's income because you don't have none. That really sucks because that's what the welfare office that they don't give a royalties they take your children and put them in jail until the bill is paid because he can't find the deadbeat fathers and that's leverage on you.
Furthermore I believe the taking royalty rights on your kids on you any person who goes into welfare department, gets food stamps are tanf. 

The glory of this all is that each one of us were born we should show appreciation to our mothers for this. Mother is not the one who doneness who doneness is that today is different from yesterday you cant just keep putting men in jail when you put the man in jail he can't provide for his family. 
But there are some really strange fathers out there today who doesn't give a shit about mother. 
Anyway at this rate women should not be forced into work. Particularly those that they discriminated against to begin with and those are of a different color of a different race of a different walk and prejudice critic discriminative company. 

Size women for every damn thing they do including given birth, when they should be thanking God for the beautiful children that they have and that the revenue this going to generate for you if you received royalty rights on your children. 

Talk to libertarian and see if anything can be done to keep the chain from not breaking between family members. 

This adoption thing has turned out to be the worst damn thing in the Americas.  Adoptive parents is suing the real parents for their name their money there so security even when they're disabled. Please be aware the fact that this chain has become a leather strap of which they choose to beat you with, and when you going to the hospital sometimes it's tethers. 
 Which turned into a big Sadie is the masochistic bondage freaks.

You should be free women free free free free free for all free winning freedom planning Justice winning money. Damn you assholes!!!
Have a nice day bye-bye

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