Fifty years turns a world upside down

A Byte Out of History
50 Years Since Mississippi Burning

Sometimes answers show up with a mixture of different pieces different puzzles and how I discovered this was because our minds are relatively like this when we try to sort through problems. 
Criminals are like this sometimes too because usually they have a disturbance within the brain, that tries to hide the answer from even the most suspected. 
And I don't want to right along thesis on this but I do want to say just by looking at pictures with you sometimes jog our memory into telling the story that we once forgot. Emotion wells up with inside of us because that's where the puzzle meet, 
Siri says goodbye peace draw me across the other side from here on out some people believe that the grass is greener on the other side 50 years can lay to rest a troubled mind. 
Unfortunately I remember the year 1968 better than any other year. 


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