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Saving emotions- I love love you!

Emotions and bipolar and unipolar,
This is where personal opinion matters nerves impulses spinal fluid and brainstem, are interconnected to emotion, the heart, intestinal. 
That the brain has a defense mechanism and during a defense mechanism approach you'll  begin to feel anger,pain, a flow of mixed emotions.
   Note that I am not a doctor and I am not qualified to verse my opinion upon the subject, however being bipolar and unipolar gives you some type of expertise on this particular subject. 
   Emotion can be attached or unattached which is sometime clearly displayed by a person who is an actor or actress, it is also said that a nurse or a doctor has to become unattached emotionally to their patients.
This is why a doctors ability to not become overwhelmed by a patient who's prognosis is inevitably death within a certain timeframe. This has become the problematic situation for a lot of different patients and doctors relationships, meaning relationships as in a professional level. 
The medulla oblongata is considered the brainstem, where as emotions are released on a comprehensible level, but emotions can overwhelm you. And a proper defense by the brainstem is to throw mixed feelings. Where the brain deciphers it into the motion and different types of emotion and where logically the brain would tell you if this is happiness or sadness or of the like. A processing unit in the brain where it reflects off of other peoples emotions as to react to their emotions that are being felt, and people usually respond via mirror reflection. Which brings us to communication and their skills. 
Emotions can be attached to the human psyche causing other humans psyches to respond, typical answers are a cause of action to reaction. Whereas one will reflect off the memory another one might reflect in response as an action to every reaction newtons third law and then a doctor might respond with a medical professional response, of collective information. 
Being a doctor is not an easy thing a lot of people think that is just text book smart but the mind has a way of processing information and then opening up world of these information retained. As a patient with mental illness these responses between patient and Dr. are not always legible, not always tangible, and sometimes not understood. In these instances are also things considered to be a Freudian slip, unfortunately humans psyches have a tendency to fear emotion because of it's vulnerability and ability and to create pain, or to recept pain, based on the information retained in the mind. 
The mind seems to be very imprintable and knowledgeable and Malable, and a hypnotist might know how to work around these issues. But
For this reason some people believe that healthy emotions have something to do with the equilibrium. Because when people don't want to feel pain They will go to any extent as far as knocking off the equilibrium to stop pain. 
But into each one's life a little rain must fall, if we don't feel pain we don't know our limits are how to exceed our limits or for that matter our accomplishments. Which became the primary principle of the study on Sadism masochism. Because In this we have what OB/GYN's consider endorphins that automatically kick it to alleviate pain. People will go to any extent or any level to alleviate pain but sometimes  trick us into thinking there is no pain! Further adding insult to injury, in other words if you don't feel pain you can read injure what is already been injured, thinking that you're well when you're really not. On the opposite side of the coin, touching and feeling in the five senses taste hearing site smell and tactile. A doctors touch excites human emotion because those are the five senses that every human being must have in order to acknowledge emotions.
Because you don't really know when your hurt and if you don't feel pain, ... Pain in bipolar as and unipolar is and is a key factor to emotions. Crying and feeling sad is important. It refines the soul.
Touching on a subject of emotional welness and balanced some are naturals 
While others fumble around true emotions. Such as love as an emotion. Love as a noun not a verb. 

And summary emotions are not just plain and simple and cut and dry, emotions are an outlet for negative energy, and as rewarding as anything else can be, have OEC negative energy escaping people or a negative response we often think behavioral problems. It is not always so particularly in young children or young adolescents or young adults The five tactile senses also maybe come in the way of our emotions and our ability to communicate away we adequately feel and while we search upon the way we feel our communication level has to be refined and intricately with words that describe emotion and if we are to balance our motions we must do so with communication and descriptive emotional words. And since we are in an age where drugs are flourishing within our community we may lack the understanding of communication but receptive to others around us it doesn't mean that we have no feelings or that we lack a better understanding of the emotion Thereby saving emotion bottling up what you really feel and trying not to react upon the negative points, There with we created human bodily kinetic energy saving emotions . 
This is the extent of my understanding and for the lack of better technology or text Book smarts, i do apologize. 
But remember you're dealing with someone who has bipolar illness and has a limited education. Have a good day may God bless you and your riches in this flights of emotions judgments and cures. 


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