Today a heart beat awY from "yes sire"

The all the more you hit bottom the all the more you learn to live with it, resent it and the people who put you there. Hatred can grow very deep very fast.  I'm still learning and applying anger venting methods that do not harm. An ill temper could destroy this peace so easily. We must learn to fight with something other that our fist!! And our libidos !
Some peoples thoughts are oh this only happens to the worst of us like drug abusers and lazy people, but it does not. It happens to some of the best of us!
Your no exclusion because god is no respecter of persons .
Some treat them like they live in zoo's enforcing rules that should not be applied.
We've heard it all!
Paying your tithes is all a part of it. 
Respecting the laws that are a true test of your time.
There's not much technology but there is some and a sign of it. Worldly presence in society .
Every thing is a big deal not just drug deals. 
As Prayers go up by the dozens!!


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