Friday, July 11, 2014

During a time of sufferage

A litter of shih tzu are born

You know you might not think that a dog will see the humans need for affection and love that it always happens this way. 

Dogs are great companions and when they are treated right they are the most loving animals on the planet with the exception for cats. 

Mankind is taken affectionately to these animals because they create love for people who don't have it and have been suffering for a long time and animals are great way to show your appreciation for someone you love. 

Of course some people don't take to animals are dogs or cats or horses some people like in it inanimated but everyone on the face of the planet loves love except those who do not understand.

Sometimes people who don't understand simply because they've never had an animal pet companion. 

But there is a fostering program at the SPCA and MCas, and even pet shops quite a bit on puppies and dogs and cats and birds and whatever you want.

I personally was raised having some kind of pet around whether it be a bird or hamster are gerbil or dog or cat and I've always loved the companionship of animals. 

Shih Tzu's are kind of Asian animals who were very very elegant when they mate. 

The mother resembled a gremlin from the movies Gremlin and the male dog resembled a dragon from that Asian art shows culture stuff which was very very nice. Although that was a very very nice mating process some people have Hardtimes adjusting to foreign animals such as the shih tzu, especially people of foriene wars United States of America and Warriors. 

For some people and the Shih Tzu becomes more of a therapeutic dog for them. 

Anyway these dogs are merely about a week and a half to two weeks old and they'll be up for companionship when they get a little older. 

I don't know if there males or females but I do know that you're going to be beautiful dogs and hard to take care. 

Anyone interested in adoption of a pets please call the number listed at the top of my page thank you have a great day.

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